Wednesday, August 30, 2006

More than 10.000 visitors

Yeaaahhhhh!!!!!!!!!! Sooner than I thought F3B at Home Blog has achieved a magic number: 10.000. I'm very happy with this new project and I hope that it will works for long time. I'm very grateful with people like Chris Jubb (UK), Les Stockley (NZ),Charles Flee (RSA) and Egil Roland (NO) They have made great contributions (I hope to receive more in the future, guys!) Amazing to know that people from three continents are helping me to make better my blog :-) and thank you very much to people like my father, Carles Aymat, Daniel Portella, Javier Portella, .... They have taught a lot of "f3b" things, they have to stand me in f3b contests and even they have brought me to International contests :-) (I hope next season we will make more trips, Carles and Dani).

Sergi Valls

For enthusiastics of the f3b images

In last updated you can enjoy new images from some f3b Belgian and Eurotours contests.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

2006 British F3B Nationals 26th August 2006-08-29 Retford Wetlands site

Chris Jubb is my "strong man" in UK ;-) and he has sent me a nice report from UK F3B Nats. Thank you a lot Chris!!!!!

"A Very brief report. A rather disappointing pre entry to this years nationals with only twelve pilots participating. The weather forecast was for unsettled overcast, sunshine and light showers with a light North Easterly all day. On arrival the weather man seamed to predict the day correctly with low cloud and damp conditions.

Fortunately for all concerned the day turned out just fine. The cloud lifted to reveal the sun about 10:30 and apart from one cloudburst remained dry and quite warm.

Clive Needham (event CD) had scheduled for three rounds but we were unable to complete the round three speed task due to a late start .

Round 1 Duration Steve Haley, Simon Jackson and Bob Dickinson won their slots. Bob having a very lucky break after his Cobra hit the ground during the tow on his test flight prior to the round start. Several pilots went to help him sort the problem, it appears that after a major rebuild his rudders were reversed.

Round 2 was a repeat of round 1. Round 3 saw Steve Hoppe take the top points along with Bill Haley. Distance R1,2&3 Norman Quirk recorded the most number of legs of the day with 23

Speed 1 & 2 Steve Haley had the fastest time with 16.90s this was 1.48seconds faster than anyone else could manage."

Photos here

Monday, August 28, 2006

F3b Team selection 2007

Read in RCSE list "Great USA team , Tom, Aron, Mike,, selected ! Youll do well in 2007", "Thanks to Joe Wurts who chose not to come, but helped Jack organize the whole event thru many communications."
So for first time since a lot of years Joe Wurts and Daryl Perkins haven't been selected for the team :-(

Spreepokal 2006

A new f3b contest of the Eurotour in Germany. I think rainy weather didn't let pilots to make three complete rounds so they manage to make to rounds plus speed and duration task (I supose). Podium with people that used to be in top positions this year: Weberschock, Trautwein and Hortzitz. Photos and results in There are more photos in Luftsportclub Condor site.

Speed training in Spydeberg (Norway)

Next weekend Norwegian guys will have their F3B and F3J nats. They have spent last weekend to make a speed task training in Spydeberg. The best pilot was Jo Grini with a fastest speed of 16,8 seconds. Results and photos here.

3rd and 4th Contest North Island F3B Series

A long this month guys from NZ has managed two of the contest of the North Island F3B Series. You can see the results of the 3rd and 4th contest. And here the ranking updated.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Finally we could fly again :-)

Yeahhh!!!! A whole f3b day... What a nice day. We have met with Portella family in Pla de Vent club, it has a new field, good, but the field doesn't have soft land :-( yet. We have to wait for the growing of the grass). But we were so exciting to fly again that my father and me weren't scared to damage our planes. It was a fact to land very very sweet. I realized I have lost some practice with flying and everything, so today has been a day to restart the trainings (in 6 weeks we'll have f3j nats and a f3b contest)
I have been flying my dear Caracho with new CG and tow hook position. At the end of the day I was happy with my launchings and I think this CG let me fly better. Next sunday I'll go on with the set my Caracho and then I will be able "to make hours" with him and then I will begin with the reset of my Europhia. I think I will fly €fia for f3j contest and Caracho for f3b.
It was a full day with broken lines, changing position of the winches because the wind, thermals, strong wind,... and also we missed people like Carles Aymat and Sergi Subias (our team mates) and I hope to see as soon as possible
Today was a special day so I have uploaded some photos in my gallery.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

South African F3B Team Qualifier #2 report

First I gave you some photos, later you were able to see the results, and now I can give you a report that has been made by Charles Flee and he has published in MGASA group. He has let me published in f3b at home blog also. Thank you Charles!!!! Pay atention:

"At first the MGA was concerned as a CD was unable to be found to officiate at this contest. Malcolm Siebert then graciously offered to perform CD duties for us as he was keen to learn the intricacies (substitute "horrors of handling a group of pre-school kids on a trip to the zoo") and details of conducting F3B competitions. He felt that as long as the pilots were prepared to put up with a novice, he'd give it a go. All went well and Malcolm had no major issues to deal with and handled the competition competently.

As we arrived on Saturday we were greeted by this large green albeit patchy kikuyu grass field. As I alighted from my vehicle I breathed in deeply to savour the fresh morning air, freshly manured grass is the just best to fly off. Mind you, the field is going to be a cracker in a few weeks time once the grass has sprouted after the first rains. The helpers (all volunteers) recruited from BERG and Groengoud must be applauded for the unenviable task of setting up and the marshalling they performed at Base 'B'. A very big THANK YOU and well done for them, your efforts are most appreciated. The Catering Crew at Groengoud also deserves a special mention for the neat lunch boxes they provided. Just what the doctor ordered and no gas or fires were required at the field. There was a scare on 35.080 the weekend before the competition and it was decided to avoid that frequency and monitor it before taking further action through SAMAA and ICASA. Some demo flights were flown to introduce the novice marshals to the Base `B' requirements for the distance and speed tasks and by this time a swirling breeze had started to indicate great things for the day ahead.

Round 1: Kurt Stockton with the impetuousness of youth had a few oopsies at first, but I think he will start showing his potential very soon and the seasoned competitors had better look back over their shoulders. It was great to see old campaigners like John Monk and Peter Eagle back in the fray. There were many high scores in duration and distance this round so the buoyant air was there. Speed suffered somewhat, in general it seemed that the "eyes" or the ballast were not in yet.

Round 2: Started with the speed task but still the pilots were struggling with the buoyant air. Craig pulled the best run with a 19.9; hopefully things would improve later on. Distance also seemed to suffer as the laps dwindled. Herman Weber had a serious glitch on an outward lap, with two snap rolls and a brilliant recovery he managed to save his glider by planting it on the course. Unfortunately this put paid to his distance task as the contact with mother earth had neatly removed his v-tail. Fortunately he was able to continue – Ja! boer maak `n plan. During this round Wolfgang Steffny tried his hand at commentating and this was much appreciated by the few onlookers and the F3B crowd - Do we have a budding broadcaster here? John Monk's come back campaign startled our more serious competitors as he posted a duration score of 9 minutes 59 seconds and a 2 meter spot. Awesome John!

Round 3: Peter Eagle had an interesting speed run in round 3, Pete's pop-offs resulted from two very bright sun spots during his launch attempts forcing him to retire from the round "blinded by the light", so to say. Another good set of duration results but speed and distance seemed to fall off again. It was interesting to sit and watch the methods employed by the various helpers to assist the pilots in their turnarounds. At times during the distance tasks base `A' sounded like a morning market in Cape Town with the calls intermingling and getting louder as the scratch for laps became more desperate.

Round 4: Just as we wanted to begin the Round a rogue flyer appeared on the scene in the cul-de-sac near the Groengoud Farm entrance, one of the Groengoud club helpers paid this rogue flyer a visit and the problem soon went away. Unfortunately the demo flights earlier in the day had eaten drastically into our time available. Consequently we ended up flying round 4 as the sun was setting and had to pack up in the fading light. Despite this, the F3B pilot being the tough "guts and glory" types they are, managed to pull this off with no damage to the expensive airframes. There were good duration scores during the round and considering the time of day, distance and speed were still not quite there. It's early in the season I suppose and things can only get better as our pilots get more F3B practice.

Ultimately a great time was had by all and we now have another aspirant CD plus some more helpers that can assist in the running of MGASA gliding competitions. We're going to have to be careful about the "Park" flyers in future and all should keep a keen eye on the goings on in the vicinity of the club fields. A great contest, warm sun, the boomers are back guys, enjoy then while you can. Groengoud team, many, many thanks for a great day's soaring. Me, I'm already looking forward to the Nationals in September – its going to be Awesome folks, be there."

NZ F3B Trial #1 by Les Stockley

Hi Sergi, I promised I'd send info of our WC's trials. So here it is.

Cheers, Les.

New Zealand F3B Team Trials

In NZ, our main F3B series is held over 6 events throughout the year. Two of these events have been designated trials events for selecting next years F3B team. This past weekends event was held near Matamata in the North Island, an excellent venue central for most competitors to travel to, good (cheap) accommodation and a very large (1200 x 700m) field.
Conditions were pretty good despite an ominous weather forecast, although the promised rain did arrive after lunch on Sunday. Not much in the way of thermals but some good air was able to be found on the distance course.
3 rounds were flown and the results are below. Popular models in NZ include the Viking, X21, Caracho, Crossfire, BigSting and Ellipse 3 with a few others thrown in as well. The cost of shipping to this part of the world means group buys are the norm. Last year it was Vikings, this year, about 7 Crossfires so far.
Best Distance Reece James (junior) 23 laps !!!
Best speed run Dave Larsen 17.86 seconds!!!

1 Dave Larsen
2 Sven Zaalberg
3 Peter Williams
4 Les Stockley
5 Kevin Botherway
6 Craig Dawson
7 Rod Hale
8 Ken Duffell
9 Dave James
10 Reece James
11 Aneil Patel
12 Andrew Niles
13 Ted Bealing
14 Peter Barrell

For full results visit
Photos here

Monday, August 21, 2006

South African F3B Team Qualifier #2 Results

Here you can see the results I got from MGASA yahoo group. Curious, Michelle made the best duration, distance and speed of the whole contest. Who won? Craig won. In f3b use to win the best steady pilot.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

South African F3B Team Qualifier #2

This Saturday was held the second contest (first one was postponed to September) that qualifies for the RSA Team. In MGASA yahoo group I have downloaded some photos of this event. Stand up two of this photos. In the first one you can see Michelle Goodrum with th t-shirt of the Spanish Team 2.005 :-) In the other photo you see Craig Goodrum with one Europhia that I think I have already seen in other place. Mmmm... A repair wing with blue spots... This Europhia was owned and flown in Finland by Joakim Stahl !!!! No results yet.

Friday, August 18, 2006

F3B at Home in the 5 continents

Yeaaahhh!!! My site has been visited from all the continents (I don't want to discuss about Arctic and Antcartic, I'm not a geographer) Europe, America (South and North), Africa, Asia and Oceania. 10.000 visitis will be achieved on mid September (I hope so...) Very proud of my blog and I hope you like it. Welcome again!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

F3B Bandolero

When you see the report of Brno contest in lomcovak... well I mean when you see the results and photos :-P (to see photos and "read" numbers doesn't mean you speak-read-write a language) you realize that also we have to enjoy this "hobby-sport" either the competition side. For me is 50% I love competition but I'm not a good pilot, I have the same targets like everybody (best launches, best durations, best distances and best speeds) but my scores are more modest. By the moment when I'm in a contest my chances are improve my flights and scores, have fun and keep intact my models. I hope there will be a time that my chance will be podiums or maybe go to a wc as pilot. It would be amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Crossfire V

Maybe you have one Crossfire even is possible you have two or more. But do you have a V tail version? ;-) This version weights 2.050 g., lenght is a little bit shorter and tail area is smaller. But is so cute... You will want one!!!!

Crossfire convention in Kulmbach

A new Eurotour event. This time 72 pilots met in Kulmbach to make some "friendly" flights. Andreas Bohlen is every day aproaching more and more to the final victory of the F3B Eurotour 2006. I don't know who makes the photos you can see in, it looks Steffan Eder did :-P There was full of Crossfire. Also was a family competition: Herrig's against Bohlen's (the four brothers got the first four positions). In short time there will be three competitions: Individual, Teams and Families. Podium: 1st Andreas Bohlen with Crossfire, 2nd Stefan Böhlen with Furio V and 3rd Andreas Herrig with Shocker. Results here.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Now I remember why I don't use to go to slope contests

As my father was very glad with Belltall slope where he was flying in a f3f contest with my/our V-Ultra last weekend we decided to repeat the trip together. We were visiting some sites with weather report on-line and it looked that would be a good slope day. So at 1 o'clock we drive to Belltall (100 km from Barcelona) and when we arrived the wind was strong and 90º but... with the wrong direction :-( We were waiting for an hour having a sandwiches and listening the radio-car how Alonso and Schumacher were taking a shower in Hungarian Grand Prix. Finally we came back home :- ( Another day without flights. We will try again next week.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Orebro Open 2006 III

Too much words in my past two comments :-P So now I will give some links were you can get information about Orebro Open:

From Espen Torp blog you can read a report and see some photos
From f3b. de you can see the results. The podium was very closed (28 points from 1st to 3rd)
From a report (Swedish) and some photos

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Orebro Open 2006 II

Mattias Hammarskiöld has sent me an accurate information about the contest. (Thank you Mattias). I was right with podium. With this results I think Tobias Knoblauch is the leader of the Eurotour with 298 points aproach. They made 4 rounds without duration in 4th round.
Joakim Stahl was flying his new Crossfire and Pasi flew his small Racemachine. That's the advantage to make yourself your planes, small, medium, big, bigger, ... you can have the same plane for different conditions. Martin and Tobias flew his Radical. With this plane I have some doubts. First the price (about 1600 €, I wasn't enough brave to ask if it was included ballast, bags and wiring) and second the features of this plane. I know this plane works very well with people like Herrig Bros, Martin and Tobias (the only pilots) but it would be a good plane for "normal" people? I mean, Crossfire is known as a plane with very good conditions if you obey the instructions and settings that comes with it. Radical will be so "easy" to fly or will be a plane just for expert pilot? Martin is a person with a long experience with the design of planes so I'm sure that Eurotour 2007 and WC will be a very closed fight between Crossfire and Radical. I'm sure.