Sunday, July 30, 2006

Walter Reist winch

Today my father has picked up our new winch :-) I have taken some photos

New Age

My friend Daniel Portella allready has his new plane: New Age made by Walter Reist. Very soon you will have more information in While I can told you that version has Gigaflaps, the fuse is the same like Masterpice and the profil I think is the same like Eagle. Walter is developing a New Age 2 with a new fuse with a two pieces v-tail

My new Caracho's ballast

Sometimes I'm not proud of myself (just sometimes?...) and one of those times was the day I realized I had forgotten a pair of bars of my Caracho's ballast in Castiglione airfield, 1.200 km aproach from my house. Homer Simpson would say something like: D'oh!!!! So I had to order a ballast kit to Vektor Modelltechnik. Rudi (Vektor Modelltechnik guy) told me he didn't have any but he still had a kit that was owned by Peter Hubbertz. Wooowww...!!!! So know I have the ballasts of Peter Hubbertz (this afternoon the packet arrived from Germany ). I have compared mine with P. Hubbertz ones and there's a lot of differences that I will explain later. Just a comment, it seems like P. Hubbertz ballasts had been studied, modificated and re-modificated by a team of guys from NASA, CSI and F1 Team. You can see some photos to understand what I mean.

Don't buy a SAAB

What a ....!!!!! :-( Today I had met with some friends to go to an old Airfield 95 km far from Barcelona to make some f3b practice (we are still without field) and we have a contest on 3rd September. I don't fly since 10th June aproach :-( When we were 2 km to the airfield the car began to stop until engine has dead (RIP), So we had have to call to the car assistance to bring the car to the garage to Barcelona :-( Another week without f3b. Jesus!!!!!

USA R/C Soaring Nats reports

In AMA site you can download a daily report of the 2006 R/C Soaring Nationals in USA. American guys are flying with planes like Altus. A very exclusive plane made by Mr. Perlick (I think). It's not a comercial toy and it's an evolution of Warp-T. Daryl Perkins has one but I think he is flying and Europhia like me. Well... I don't think so. His Europhia maybe flies better than mine. Why? I don't know but if we have the same plane maybe is a matter of: Winch? Lines? Parachute? Radio? Field? Pilot? Maybe is the pilot.... but I will ask him which radio uses before.

Örebro Open F3B

On 29-30 of July will be held the Örebro Open F3B. You can see the entry list updated on 17th July here

F3B in Lotha

Seen in lomcovak : results and photos from a f3b contest made in Lotha (CZ)

F3B USA Nats

In LSF/AMA site you can see the entry list of the USA Nats. They use to make all contests (F3B, F3J, RES,...) on one week in their national center in Muncie (Indiana). If you see the participants of the f3b contest you will recognize names like Mike Smith, Michael Lachowski andanother guys like ... Daryl Perkins. Do you know him? He has some "trophies" at home ;-) But I miss somebody, "The Guru of F3X": Mr. Joe Wurts. Why he is not going to fly in f3b nats? He will be in Martin (SVK) in the F3J WC :-( I'm not sure if this contest will be the USA Trials for the F3B WC . I don't want to lost the oportunity to see them in action in next F3B WC in Switzerland.

4th UK League event

In BARCS you can see a new report of the UK f3b league. This time was held on 2nd July in Retford Wetlands the 4th event. The winner was again Steve Haley who leads the league with three victories (the second event was cancelled)


People from has released a new f3j machine: Aspire. A nice 3.7 m. plane with AH profil. Yes! With an Andres Herrig profil. I thought this sort of profil was a secret like Coca-Cola formula or the name of the assassins of JFK :-P But I didn't realize that Victor allready has the AH 106. And also we have the Radical: a mix of Europhia and Shocker. So the Herrig trend is expanding to other f3b professionals.


More f3b contests. This time in Kassel. Germans dominate the contests with the first five positions. Winner Martin Herrig (sometimes I think that Herrig brothers split their victories: one contest for you one contest for me...) Armin Hortztitz is always in top positions this season (a candidate for the German Team for next WC?). Photos in Results here.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

F3B Video from lomcovak

Download this video form lomcovak. I think that was made in Brno contest. A good mixture of music, video and f3b.