Wednesday, June 30, 2010

2nd Contest Dutch F3B League 2010

1st Jeroen Smits (Radical pro)
2nd Robert Hermans (Cyril)
3rd Frans Vreugdenhil (Radical pro)

Results here and report translated in english here. (source

Montauban contest

Told by my team mates, Montauban contest was nice (people, place and flights) :-) Results here (source and Laurent Gauthie) and photos here (source and Fabrice Estivals)


Very sad weekend personally, while I was driving to Montauban I received a very bad new... my very very loved grandmother have just dead the same morning so I had to cancel my travel and let my team mates (Sergi Subies and Dani and Alberto Portella) in a resting zone in the motorway to come back home :-(

Friday, June 25, 2010

Gone to Montauban

Gone to Montauban for a F3B Contest... see you on Sunday!!!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

F3B Ironworks Trophy 2010 Photo Gallery

French Selection Contest in Colmar

Podium (source

1st Fabrice ESTIVAL 8883.55
2nd Christian PINOTEAU 8677.25
3rd Sylvain COULOMB 8583.38

Sonnenwendpokal Podium

1st Böhlen, Andreas
2nd Flixeder, Bernhard
3rd Bachler, Herbert

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Nice Video F3B French Contest

F3B from Roulettes on Vimeo.

Round 3 North Island F3B in Hawkes Bay

Joe Wurts 9000.00
Chris Kaiser 8241.40
Peter Williams 7850.90
Aneil Patel 7767.30
Craig Dawson 7268.00
David James 7246.80
Kevin Botherwa 7176.60
Ken Duffell 7068.50
Ted Bealing 6318.20

More information in few days in

Monday, June 14, 2010

New link added

Nice f3b Austrian site.

Dörnberg Pokal 2010 Results

1st Duchesne, Denis
2nd Herrig, Martin
3rd Seyfang, Michael
4th Trautwein, Ulrich
5th Dylla, Thomas

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Results 3rd Contest UK League

Steve Haley has won a new contest in UK League... Full results here (you have to join F3BUK Yahoo group).

Trainig for Montauban

Saturday afternoon met with Dani, Javier, Alberto and Sergi Subies to make some flights. It was last day we flew together before Montauban contest. I focus the training making distance task with 400 grms. of ballast. Alberto flew his Altus, Sergi S. was fixing servos and making some flights later and Dani flew is Ceres Lift with new settings that looks work fine. I try to make one more trainig before Montauban next Friday.

New link added

We have a new f3x domain: ;-)

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Snowing in Salzburg

Everything OK

I have spent some time for resting, last wekend I was in the field but "extrem wind conditions" made me decide to cancel my training, anyway I made one launch logged with 300 meters of altitude!!!!!!! Yes!!!!! My best launch I ever made :-) I have the photo, I hope to post it in few days.... :-) Calendar has been updated. Next target is Montauban Contest the 27th.