Monday, March 27, 2006

Strange noises in my winch

Murphy's law say: "If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something". Well, I have overlooked my winch. And I'm really "lucky" because my winch just make strange noises but works. I hope the fix it because:"If I don't fix it now obviouslly the winch will die during a contest" ----- > 3rd F3B Murphy's law ;-)

Friday, March 24, 2006

Fresh news from Bureau Meeting of CIAM

The spanish delegate in the Bureau Meeting of CIAM (Carles Aymat) has sent me a SMS message where you can read: "F3B WC 2007 in SUI, is subject to final approval by the Swiss Air Force Authorities." Good news for all f3b pilots. I hope there will not be problems with the approval.

Bureau Meeting of CIAM

Today will be held the Bureau Meeting of the FAI Aeromodelling Commission (CIAM) You can download the agenda here. In section number 19 will be tretated "2007 and further future Championships" Maybe we will know where will be hold the next f3b wc very eraly :-)

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Links section updated

A new section has been added in my blog. Now you can join the groups where I use to visit. If you know more f3b or soaring groups advice me and I will add to the section.

Daryl Perkins in USA F3B Nats with Altus and own design

Read in RCSE list. Daryl Perkins explains us he is going to perform in F3B Nats with two models: own design and Altus. Altus T is a plane made by Dieter Perlick (Warp V, Warp T, Caldera,...) Altus is his last "baby" (I think) I know that Altus is a evolution of Caldera (like a Pokemon) Perlick flew Caldera in WC'03 in Germany, and he has flown Altus last season in Eurotour contests. DP trusts again in this man for F3B competition, so he has allready won a WC with Warp T. it is going to happen again?

Monday, March 20, 2006

F3B National Champs 2006 Site

The Club Aeromodelismo Osca will organize the F3B Spanish Championship during 29th April - 1st May. Now you can visit the contest site in this link. Last year they organize a f3b open. You can see results and photos and more photos.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Magic Box

After LOLO and PowerCube Roman Vojtech has released his Hibox-MultiFunction RC analyzer. I haven't read the manuals deeply but most important thing is that this analyzer let you measure internal resistance of whole set (winch & battery). All information in this link.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Flying with friends

Today a lot of f3b pilots in the field. A lot of activity: launchings, landings, relaunchings, speed task,... We were: my father, VicenteColomina, Carles Aymat, Sergi Subies, Javier Portella, Daniel Portella, Alberto Portella and me. Very windy conditions (20 km/h more or less) I had a lot of problems with launchs. The settings that I get in quite conditions don't work with strong wind :-( So I have to work more time with the configuration of my Caracho. Carles released his Europhia (what a envies!). Javier made his first flight with winch of Warp-T. All day long in the field until half past five. Hope to repeat the experience :-) Here some photos.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Europhia in Ebay

Maybe if you live in Germany you would like to bid for this item ;-) Today I will be flying with some friends. Carles will make his first flight with Europhia. Mine is not ready yet :-( so I will fly my Caracho and V-Ultra. I will upload photos in the evening and you will see photos of a Warp T

Monday, March 06, 2006

USA F3B Team Selections for 2007

On 23-27 th of August will be hold the USA F3B Team Selections for WC'07. The contests will be hold in Muncie, the field is a huge golf grass court, where AMA use to hold the f3x nats. Are we going to see the "refly" of Daryl Perkins? I hope so. The original F3B Dream Team: Perkins, Wurts and 3rd pilot. Always one of the teams that will fight for the medals in the competition team.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Zeus and Eolo don't like F3B

Three Sundays in a row we can fly for the weather, what's up? Sometimes bad air sometimes rain don't let us to flight :-( Today was cloudy and a little bit windy, we decide to set the winches, and when we had already nailed them the direction of the wind change completely :-( Maybe somebody is having fun beyond the clouds. I do not laugh as much. I just could make a photo of Europhia before rain arrived. I have 8 weekends before the crazy month begins (National Champ, National Open and Castiglione). Certainly my Caracho 3.1 will be my first model if nothing strange happens, I will not have enough time to set the Europhia (my f3b instinct is not brilliant)