Monday, January 30, 2006

News about the F3B WC 07

I have read in the FAIsoaring list a message sent by Jim McCarthy (USA) where he says: " I believe Turkey is submitting a bid for 2007 and USA will look at 2009." So the mistery of the next F3B WC is vanishing slowly :-D

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Photos and changes in the calendar

Bad weather to flight today :-(so I could wake up a little bit later than usual on Sunadys :-) Allways you have to think in positive. So I had time to make an idea that I have some time ago about my old photos. I have scanned and uploaded them to my photo site: check it! F3B calendar have changed, the contest of Palencia will be in Ocotber finally. More time for trainig. Something rare will happen so. This season will begin with the National Championship. A three days contest and special score to decide the team for the world champs. But luckily I'm not going to fight for that target.

Friday, January 27, 2006

News from Weberschock Development

My Europhia is in process :-) I have ordered a Europhia 2V as you now with my friend Carles Aymat. This week Martin Weberschock sent to Carles a e-mail to tell us that the v-tails were already made and now the other pieces are under construction so maybe my Europhia will be at home in 2-3 weeks In Olivier Osegouin's web you can see some photos
Today have arrived low temperatures with rain and snow so I don't know if I will go to the club on Sunday. I hope so!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Open Örebro entry form available

You can fill in your entry form to F3B Open Örebro in this site: The contest will be in 29-30 of July and also you will be able to compete in a F3B Classical contest. Open Örebro is one of the most prestigious contest of the Eurotour. Now the Ikaros Club organize this event every two years (to avoid in the calendar the F3B WC). With this feature this contest becomes more atractive for the top f3b pilots. The last champions of this contest since 1997 have been Armin Hortzitz, Pasi Väisänen, Jesper Jensen, Heinrich Fischer, Stephan Goebel, Joakim Stahl.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

WC F3B 2007?

If you are joined in FAISoaring List you have recived an e-mail of Jan Hanse from Denmark. He asked about the F3B WC 2007. At the moment there's no candidate to organize this event :-( The Spanish team and the Swedish team manager were talking with the USA team manager about this. He said that maybe USA could organize this event in Muncie (near Chicago) in case there's no candidate. Also I read in some report about Lunen or Munich Eurotour contest that Austria could be one candidate. Who knows :-P ? Maybe you have some information and you want to add your comment. I'm sure that my country (Spain) is not able to organize the 2007 edition :-( but beyond 2011 Spain will be the seat of the F3B WC :-D

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Finally a good f3b Sunday

:-) Good f3b Sunday. We have finished at five o'clock. Today we have been alone in our club from one o'clock. So we have had very calm flights. Lots of distances, so my father and me are still triming our models (today a Nyx and Caracho 3.1) We are not very brilliant with this things so we learn slow :-P We do not even have the settings to make 300 meters launches but we will get (I don't now how but we will get it, any idea?) At the end of February my €phia will arrive, but I think that my first model in the first contests of the season will be my Caracho. Some photos in

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Japanese nylon line

This summer in the f3b wc I met Mr. Yosihiro Kuirta, one of the pilots of the Japanese team. I bought two of their nylon lines (1.05 and 1.15) He told me that they were using during all that week the 1.05 one, also in windy conditions, so I decided to buy it. Very pleased with the tests I have ordered more. Mr. Kuirta explained me that Marco Lorenzoni is going to commercialize the japanese lines. Marco is going to test them before begin to sell them. I hope to get them in two weeks. I will inform you in some weeks.

2006 F3B Season begins...

Yesterday in the evening I was visiting (one of the most interesting f3b sites of the world wide web). This season you can register on-line your entry in the german contests of the Euro-tour. So hurry up to plan your f3b season. The first contest will in Salzburg (1-2 April), the contest of the snow. Tthe last one will Munich (22-24 September), "the contest". I hope to see you in Italy ;-)

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Today is a rainy day II

I finally met with Carles at half past twelve because this morning my father and me had to go to the annual meeting club to talk about the future of the club due we have to change of field. Finally at one o'clock we started to set up winches and everything we needed. The conditons were very very cloudy with no wind until the rain arrived :-( . We have made two or three flights everyone. Personally, I have begun with a duration flight and later a distance with no ballast. I had changed the position of my towhook at home and It wasn't a good idea :-P I didn't have time to make a good photo report but you can see someones in this link (

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Servo mounts for my Europhia

Needless to say that our "hobby" is a litlle bit expensive so I have begun to spend my money with the cheapest items: the servo mounts ;-) I contacted with Michael Fray and the servo mounts arrived very quick with no payment :-O I paid by paypal when the mounts arrived, so I just can say that Michael works fantastic. Next cost of money: servos. I think that my friend Carles has a litlle stock of futaba with no use: S3150 for wings and S9650 for fuse.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Spanish F3B calendar for 2.006

The calendar of the Spanish F3B League is released:

1-2 April Palencia
29-30 April Huesca "National Championship"
13-14 May Madrid "XXXI Villa de Madrid Trophy"
23-24 Sept. Lisboa "Artur Sereno Trophy"

I hope to perform in everyone. I can't split myself to perform in Lisboa and Munich the same weekend. So I will wait beyond may to decide where I will go on september. Maybe you want to make a visit to Spain and make some flights with us ;-)

Monday, January 09, 2006

My Europhia is coming...

Arriving at home I have read a mail about my Europhia. The order is made and It will be in my hands at the end of February more or less. Martin, if you read this message, take care of the two blue coloured Europhia ;-) Mine will be v tail (If the designer uses the v tail... no doubt with the election) and medium version (not enough money :-( to pay the most expensive version ) If you have one you can explain us your feelings about this great palne in the comments.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Today is a rainy day...

The Calendar of the F3B Eurotour is released. Open Orebro appears again in the list :-) I would like to go to Castiglione del Lago on June and also to Munich, but in the same dates of the Oktoberfestpokal there's a contest of the Spanish F3B League near Lisboa. What a .... Today I was ready for a F3B morning but the wind and the rain didn't let me go with my father to the field. Double ... I have met with Carles Aymat for next week, I hope we will have better weather.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

New year, new radio

This is my new radio: JR XP9303, bought in F3X.COM to Tom Copp. It was used by Joe Wurts in the F3B WC and also Jo Grini ( has it. I'm using a 35 MHz Synthesized Tx Module bought in Höllein. Very easy programming system. My last radio was an old FC-28 and I had a lot of head ache every time I try to work with it.

Last flights of the year

I made some flights ten days ago with my father (Furio) and some friends: Carles Aymat (Caracho 3K), Daniel Portella (Furio wings + New Age fuselage) and Sergi Subies (Crossfire and Cobra). With the help of Daniel and Carles I was setting my Caracho 3.1. It will be my weapon this season in the national and international contests where I would like to perform. Also I will fly an Europhia V that I'm going to order very soon :-)