Tuesday, October 31, 2006

F3B at Home Site comes back

You can visit again the F3B at Home site. Now is under construction but I hope it will be OK in one week. This time the site will have more sections and a spanish version. I hope will like you. The site will be optimized for Mozilla Firefox web browser.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

From Les Stockley (New Zealand)

"Hi Sergi, after the 2nd rounds of trials have been completed, the team from New Zealand for the 2007WC's is:

Craig Dawson
Kevin Botherway
Aneil Patel
1st reserve is Dave Larsen.
Cheers, Les."

Photo here

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Belgian Team for WC

The podium of the Belgian f3b nats is (source info Eric Plumacker blog)

1st Denis Duchesne
2st Eric Plumacker
3rd Alex Barbier

The team for wc will be formed by Denis Duchesne, Denis Quindot and Steeve Hansoulle (reserve pilot)

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Weekend photos

Image gallery updated with f3b and f3j contest. Visit my image gallery ;-)

Don't buy a Saab II, 6th, 7th & 2nd and more things...

:-( F3B season is almost ended. Fantastic four days that began like a nightmare. We went
to Palencia on Thursday very soon to be in the f3j nats in the afternoon. After 150 km, the car was ko again Argghhhhhh!!!! I thought it was the end of the travel but we feel like going to the contest we decide to rent a Opel Zafira. The matter was that that Thursady was holiday so was very difficult to rent one.Finally we arrive three an a half hours later but our firends decided to make the contest on Friday morning. :-)

We made 5 rounds in f3j contest plus a fly-off of four pilots. I took advantage of the contest to trim my Europhia in duration task and landing. Launching in rounds was made by winches with 150 meters of line. Just fly-off was f3j pure because we don't have enough tools for everybody. The planes got highest altitudes with turnaround pulley :-P I just make one almost 1o minutes flight (first round strangly). Finally I was sixth. After the contest begun to arrive people and we met to have launch and make some flights later. I tried to trim the Europhia for speed making some flights waiting for first day of contest.

F3J Results:

1- Ruben Merino Gomez
2- Jesus Merino Gomez
3- Andoni Gorriñobeaskoa
4- Andres Cardona Vidal
5- Adrian Rodriguez Otero
6- Me
7- Fernando Valls Castella

Next day was the first day of competition. This time we had in F3B at Home Team our friend Carles Aymat. Almost all day long we had light tail wind so the launches were a litlle bit shorts. You had to get altitude looking for the thermal in distance and duration. The left side of the field had a good performance so a lot of disatnces were won with 20-24 laps. In my case I flew my Europhia without ballast (so 2.4 kg) and worked really well. Duration task was very stressful. Few times I got a good thermal, lot of times I was flying in low altitude looking for small thermals. I was very good with landings, a lot of 100 points (I think :-P). After the end of the day I moved back the hook 1 mm. because I felt the launches hadn't been enough good. I made a test fly. Everything OK so we went to rest and have dinner. Mmm...

Secon day crossed wind. We had two directions to set the winds, so until midday we were changing of position our winches :-P We tried to make 6 rounds to discharge the three worst tasks but there was not enough time. Second day I improved my scores.

The team was second classified :-) Maybe we could improve our scores because I was the helper of Carles in a lot of distances and durations. I don't have enough experiences to "see" thermals and position of the plane with base b :-P My father has two problems. First of all his FC-28 becames crazy and the settings were ko so he had a lot of problems. When he restored his radio during a distance task (with good conditions and running a lot) he crashed with Iñaki's Aris. Aris was down and my father could land with a wing tip of Aris in the edge of the Furio's wing :-(

F3B Results:

1- Daniel Portella (Mr. Again) 14.412
2- Iñaki Elizondo Casado 13.600
3- Ruben Merino Gomez 13.498
4- Carles Aymat Simo 13.374
5- Jose Manuel Quintas Vide 13.237
6- Alvaro Barcia 12.910
7- Me 12.885
13-Fernando Valls Castella 11.353
19-Marcelino Puñal Pensado 7.254

F3B Team Results

1- Nunca Mais
2- F3B at Home
3- Pla de Vent
4- EA Palencia
5- Aero Tres
6- Grupo Halcon

Monday, October 09, 2006

F3B in Aiglons (Belgium)

On 1st October was held the last contest of the season in Belgium. The organizer was the Aero Club of Incourt. No results but you can see photos made by Marc Verwilghen in f3zone.be

F3F Spanish Championship 2006

Competition was cancelled on Sunday after some attempts on Saturday and Sunday. Well, maybe I have a problem with slopes or slopes have a problem with me. Medically we can talk about Allergy. When I'm in a slope with the intention to be in a contest automatically the slope give up to work to make f3f flights :-P I haven't found the good treatment, but some people have to propose not too see me never in anymore contest :-( I'm jinx!!!!!!!!!!!! Some photos here.

L'équip de France

France already has team for f3b wc. Another team made. Spanish one will be decided next weekend. I have already won my place as helper :-P. Info about the french team here.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

F3B Video made in France

I have ready seen this video but I don't know if you have the link to see it. Is a video made by Fabrice Festival. See here and enjoy!!!!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

F3B French Championship 2006

Laurent Gauthie has sent me some photos about F3B French Championship 2006. He promises to send more. Thank you a lot Laurent. I'm sorry, your mail was ereased and I couldn't write the feet of the photos :-( Here they are

Monday, October 02, 2006

f3b.biz launches with New Age Report

My friend Alberto Portella is the webmaster of a new site: f3b.biz The first report is about the new plane of his brother: New Age by Walter Reist. The report is in spanish so I would write a little report about Alberto's comments. Here I go:

"Model design based in Masterpiece of Dr. Helmut Quabeck. It keeps the profil and the fuse (with elongated length). Winglets in the ending of the wings. The cosntruction of the wings are based in sandwich carbon, balsa and fiber glass with a strong bolster made with fiber carbon. Fuse made with fiber glass, carbon and aramida (Kevlar). All with CNC forms

Wing Span: 3190 mm.
Area wing: 64 dm2
Profil: HQ/W 2/8
Weight: 2200 - 3500 grms."

Aer-o-tec news

Thank you to Carles Aymat and Chris Jubb, they have sent me this info about Aer-o-tec news:

Aer-O-tec wants to inform about the latest news !

Crossfire V

1) The brand new v-tail fuselage is now ready for delivery!
We designed a 2-piece v-tail fore easy transport and reduced masses and drag. So we expect to see improved performance in f3b duration, distance and speed as well as even more agile handling especially for slope and f3f flying !

2) Following Crossfire versions are available now:
Crossfire F3B, with choice of standard elevator ( B) or new ( 3 cm more span and new airfoil ) elevator(J) and 5 or 6 degree joiner !
Crossfire extreme: double carbon layup in wing and carbon elevator with reinforced fuselage.
Crossfire V: with choice of 5 or 6 degree joiner.
Crossfire E: modified fuselage for use of brushless electro motor ! cross or v-tail available !

3) Crossfire has won already world championship f3B – now about 8 years after our design of the legendary ESCAPE ( Jaro Müller / Euromodell)

Time has come for a new approach to F3J: ---ORCA F3J---
In early 2007 we will offer a new and clever F3J model:
It will feature 2 piece wing and v-tail. Airfoil with 2,35 % camber and 8,55 % thickness and will come already with 2 interchangable wingtips for a wingspan of 3,40m or 3,63 m. this will allow maximal performance in various weather conditions ! 2 models for the price of 1 !
There will also a special electro fuselage available !

News from Norway

Source Espen Torp (yeahhh!!! Top pilots also see my blog):

"Some info from Norway F3B scene:

After the Norwegian qualification is finished the team for next years World Championship is the same as the 2 previous Championships with Widar Holmedal, Erik Morgan and Espen Torp.
Erik will fly
Crossfire, Espen will fly RaceM and Widar is uncertain but maybe it will be Victor.
We are all looking forward to meet old friends in Switzerland. We are pretty sure that the Swiss will make a very good event.

Best regards,"

f3bfrance.com Updated

People from f3bfrance.com is making good job, and now they have updated their site. Also available mor info about F3B French Championship.