Saturday, December 30, 2006

Fabrice Estivals site

I have added Fabrice Estivals site in links section (People).

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Le Blog du F3B en France

I have added f3bfrance blog in links section (Blogs).

News from Norwegian F3B Team

Egil Roland from Norway have sent me some info about Norwegian F3B Team. Jo Grini in f3b wc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:

"Hi Sergi! A little update on the norwegian F3B team for the worlds 2007. Widar Holmedahl has decided not to attend the team for the championship 2007. Jo Grini would replace him. The team would then be: Espen Torp (RaceM), Erik C. Morgan (Crossfire), Jo Grini (RaceM, Crossfire, Skymax4). Teamsite for the norwegian team is at Hopefully I will join as team manager... Best regards Egil Roland "

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

More than twenty thousand visits to this blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeahhhh!!!!!!!! Yesterday, I don't know when :-P some of you made visit number 20.000, I'm very happy with my work in this site and with all people from all the world that have made fantastic contributions from France, Norway, Spain, USA, South Africa, New Zealand, United Kingdom,.... Next year three main targets for this site: I am designing two kind of t-shirt: one is the common t-shirt of f3b at home blog and second one will be a Special Edition for my "Contributors", the third and final target will be to go on with this project, keep the amount of info and improve the promotion in www of my blog.

F3B at Home wishes to you nice flghts, lots of 1.000 points tasks, lots of 16.XX seconds in task C and happy 2.007

Friday, December 22, 2006

FAI Sporting Calendar 2007

CIAM has already posted the 2007 Calendar. For F3B World Cup will be contests in: Emmen/Lucerne (Switzerland), Jesenik (Czech Republic), München (Germany), Rieti (Italy) and Alcochete - Lisboa (Portugal). Enjoy them!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Skip Miller Site

I have added Skip Miller site in links section (Comercial).

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Jiri Tuma Site

I have added Jiri Tuma site in links section. Very good site, to get info and buy his planes like Eagle or Xantipa

F3B Catalonian Championship

Due we were so few people we decided to make a speed cup. I don't have the resuls (Carles Aymat has them) but it was fantastic for me. I was second classified. And best thing was I get my personal best speed: 20.92 seconds!!!!!!! Hey!!!! Don't make fun of me. I know most of you have better personal times but for me is very imporant :-) Here you have the results.

Saturday, December 16, 2006


Some info from Roman Vojtech has arrived to my e-mail about Ascot. This is the new plane that is making Vaclav Vojtisek (Viking and Sting). At moment you can order the f3f version, for f3b version you should wait until April.

F3B WC Site updated

After the last meeting of CIAM in Muncie (USA) the first bulletin of the F3B WC has been approved and now is available in the site, also the Preliminary entry form in english and german.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Misterious plane is "Shadow Pro"

We have new info about "Misterious plane". Jochen Luetke from HKM USA has sent me a photo and here is the e-mail: "Hi Sergi, we have 2 new f3b models coming out. the Shadow pro is done and is being tested, the second is still in the maufacuring process but should be done soon."

Do you Ceres?

Carlos Cantero has a Ceres and he has posted some photos in his site, so if you are thinking about to buy one, you will be able to see in deep this interesting model.

Schizo image gallery

Hi everybody, Daryl Perkins (thank you very much) has sent me some images to share with you from his new model Schizo. The images are here.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Daryl Perkins designing a f3b model...

Read in RCSE list. A man with emailed with (4 f3b wc = Daryl Perkins for the time being) has post this email:

"Hey Guys,

Working on a new F3B toy, and the fuse is long and skinny. I know some of you
have worked with bladders in the past... where the heck can I get them?

And no... the plane is not available yet... but it's getting closer.

It'll be called the Schizo... long story... you'll have to buy the book... ;-)



So D. Perkins is designing a new f3b model. I would kill for one. I'm sure there will be a T tail version ;-) Now we will have to wait for more news :-P

Sunday, December 10, 2006

F3B Japanesse Championship Report

Gossiping Japanesse soaring sites I have found a report (in english) about the F3B Japanesse Championship 2006. Here you can read it.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Breta model photo gallery

Bretamodel site has a new section: Photo Gallery, where you can see photos from two contests at the moment: Lotha and Marchfeld-Pokal. Visit and enjoy!!!

Tool information from Stefan Eder

Stefan Eder has sent me some more accurate info about Tool:

"TOOL is made for F3B- but depending on the conditions and slopes it is also competing in F3F. my team-mate christian Fiedler flew TOOL at the F3F Viking Race 2006 !

For our team we went for no compromise: 1-piece wing ! but for serial production and shippment to cutomer it will be a 2-piece wing !!
Startair is official distributor and producer of the model ! TOOL is made with experience from CROSSFIRE. we wanted to test a new airfoil and v-tail. Model was flown by Andreas Kunz in F3B EuroTour 2006 with good success and the model has good potential...! it handles and launches very good.... airfoil has slightly more camber than Crossfire airfoil. Dimensions and geomtric is very similar to CROSSFIRE-V !

Friday, December 08, 2006

Carlos Cantero has a Ceres :-P

Carlos Cantero has received a new plane: Ceres. This plane is made by Jiri Baudis. It is a 2.9 meters span with a f5b profil. So we have a plane very fast with a very good launch, maybe it will have some problems with some durations. I think this plane is made with the same pilosophy like Herrig brothers Shocker. So it will be a plane with very good results.

Misterious plane

"Seen in HKM USA. This shop is going to offer a new f3b plane. No name, no data, ... I'm going to keep my investigations."


USA F3B Team Site

The USA F3B Team site is already on. Nice design and interesting raffle. You can win an Europhia 2K Special Edition (USA decoration) and know a lot of things about its members.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Latest products in Stratair

Mmm... Startair is going to have a good beginning this season. He has launched his new products like Tool and Shark XL. Tool is a f3b plane flown by Andreas Kunz and built by Stefan Eder. And Shark XL is a plane developed by Logo Team and built by Jaro Muller.

Monday, December 04, 2006

F3B Open Iberico in

My friend Alberto Portella (webmaster and owner of and has posted a report about last Open Iberico organized in Palencia in October. Here there's the link where you can read a translation made by google :-P

Sunday, December 03, 2006

F3F Catalonian Championship 2006

Finally I could fly in a f3f contest. My first perform has been in Catalonian Championship. I achieved 6th position (11 pilots flying). I had a good time, and slowly I have improve my flights. Now my personal best time is 67,73 :-P So I still can improve a lot. Take a look results and some photos in my gallery

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Carlos Cantero has a Crossi V :-P

In Carlos Cantero site (Teamfast2furious site) you can see a report about his new Crossfire V verion. You know this version is lighter than the X tail an seems it will be faster too. Yeaaahh!!!! Also he has ordered some Ceres from Jiri Baudis, so we'll wait for a new report :-P