Sunday, February 20, 2011

Is so cute...

Back to normal

After some weekends with lot of problems with launchs it seems I've restored good settings for my Altus :-( Today was very windy so I have to wait for a quiet day to confirm towhook position and deflections are right. Javier brought his "new" motorized Jewel making awsome flights. Dani is a tirelss pilot so he wanted to fly with us despite his injured ankle. Alberto every day is happier with his Crossi II and my father enjoyed flying his Nyx.

Some photos here.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Training for Coll de l'Illa Contest

That afternoon I've been with my father flying in Santa Coloma slope to check our planes are ok for Sunday. We will compete in Coll de l'Illa first contest of F3F Catalonian League tomorrow. It used to be a very cold and windy slope, landing is so dangerous we flight all rounds in a row to avoid more landings. Conditions are extrem but feelings in that slope are amazing. Also amazing is the lunch after the contest. We will make a "Calçotada" as every year

My Caracho had so damaged its tips we decided to cut them so now I have a new version: Caracho 2.9 It seems is very easy to make turns with them. Tomorrow will be a good flight test :-P
I have made some photos while my father flew his V-Ultra.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

My photos

I use to be the photographer of my blog so I don't use to appear in my photos. Last Sunday Jose Jurado made us some photos. Mine are those:

New planes and new mates

Last Sunday was a day with lot of news. Jose Jurado made his first flights launching with winch and Alberto brought his new Crossfire II. Ten weekends left for Kirchheim :-O

Some photos here.