Wednesday, February 21, 2007

First contest of North Island F3B Series

Kiwi's has begun their season with first contest of North Island F3B Series. You can read a report made by Dave Larsen in Chris Kaiser site with full results.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

I have a genuine F3B machine :-)

Today I have made my firsts flights with New Age. Very good feelings, actually I had never had so good feelings with a plane its first day. But before go to field club I have been in Walter's house with my father and Sergi Subias (3rd pilot F3B at Home Team) to pick up my father's New Age. We met in the field with Daniel and Javier Portella. We were late. Sorry Dani and Javier :-P When we have almost set everything it started to rain, so we seized the opportunity to have lunch (not launch) and take some photos of our New Ages. Rain finished and was time for flights until six o'clock. Next Sunday more flights :-D Some photos here.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Coll de Lilla 2007

Today has begun a F3F Catalonian League. First contest has been in Coll de Lilla (one of the the most feared slopes of the league because the landing) Four rounds made. We didn't have more time for f3f because Calçots were waiting us for lunch. I go on with my slow progress. I have new personal record 48.XX seconds :-P Winner was Javier Portella wih a X-Race. This time dad bit his two sons. Second was Carles Aymat with a New Age and third my team mate Sergi Subias with Crossi. Next contest will be a f3f national Open in Santa Coloma (near Barcelona) I know this blog is a f3b one, but who cares if I talk a little bit about f3f? Next Sunday first flights with my New Age :-O Photos here.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A plane came from Hell: Diavolo

After a lot of years of comercial and sport success, Heiner Fischer is going to produce his new model: Diavolo. For this new project he has joint good partners to develop this nice plane: Team “KiKa”, Ulrich Trautwein, Carbon Vertrieb, ... Its price will be the most expensive among top planes. Look here more info about technical data and prices (from f3bfrance blog)

Sunday, February 04, 2007

So unlucky... and lucky at the same time

A new Sunday on the field. Javier and Daniel were not able to meet with us so we were flying with Alberto and Carles. Friday evening I changed the wiring of my Caracho aileron servo, so I thought the problem was fix. I was completely wrong, today the servo go on with shaking. Last test was to switch on an other JR radio like mine and servo was quiet and working OK. Next step will be to send my JR to Technical Department of JR in Europe :-( I'm lucky because my father had ordered a JR and some servos for my New Age but is stopped in Barcelona airport duty. So now I don't have radio and fuse servos for my New Age!!!!! Next week I have the first f3f contest of the year so I have two weeks to resolve my radio/servos problems. It's not a good beginning. At least my father let me make some flights with his Furio. Today I seized the opportunity to bring my NA to our field club (as soon he gets the felling with his trainig field easier to trim him :-P) and to make some photos with my father as model.