Tuesday, February 28, 2006

4° Coppa Trasimeno Registration

I have already registered in the 4° Coppa Trasimeno (Eurotour contest). My team will be Catalunya and my mates Daniel Portella and Carles Aymat. We are the same team that was in Finland this summer but this time I will flight :-) For more info visit f3b.de and f3b.it. In f3b.it you can see photos and results of last year. Hope to see you there.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Hoellein on-line shop

This weekend I have visited the new on-line shop of Hoellein to buy a schulze receiver and some b-band crystals. Nice site and very easy (and dangerous) for shopping ;-)

No flights this weekend

No flights this weekend :-( I have to work tomorrow, so I just can "work" in my Europhia this evening.. I want to finish it for next weekend because I think I will meet with some friends to train and release our new toys.

Monday, February 20, 2006

German proposals for the FAI Aeromodelling Commission

In f3x.no and also in CIAM website you can read the schedule of the next Aeromodelling FAI Comision meeting (23-26 March). The Germans want to treat things like the Cancellation of a Flight and Disqualification and also Safety Rules (including penalties of 200 points). We have to wait untill next month.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Home, sweet home...

I have gone to pick up my Europhia to Carles house. There's a lot of work before first flight. There's no instructions and settings :-( and the tow hook has a fixed position. In the fuse there's a mark in 114 mm. from the edge of the wing (CG, tow hook position,... ?) I will try to set a tow hook from an old Nyx. 1200 grams in 8 pieces of ballast. I'm exciting to make the first launch :-P I'm sure that this plane will be and excellent f3b machine for me :-) Some photos in http://www.pbase.com/sergif3b/europhia

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Europhia is coming... at least v-tails are at home

Europhia is coming in pieces. The v-tails have arrived at Carles home. Tomorrow will arrive the fuse, wings and accesories. I have the first photos in http://www.pbase.com/sergif3b/europhia Check my web tomorrow maybe I will have more photos.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

More than 1.000 visitors...!!!!!

Hi everybody! Nice to announce that F3B at Home has more than thousand visits in its counter. The rebirth of F3B at Home is a success for me and I hope this time my web site remains a lot of years of good F3B Just a question aout YOU, there are very few commentaries.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Advices from Japan for the nylon lines

Mr. Kuirta has written me today:

Hello Mr.Sergi Valls-san

Thank you for your report. The line 1.05 mm is very good one for moderate wind, like 3-5m/s, and the 1.15mm is super when 5-8m/s wind.

The attached image is the Lo-Lo data with 1.15mm line
with 5m/s condition. To care the line, I recommend to put some silicone on its surface before use, and do not wind very tight after training. The sunshine will damage the line, so you can keep it with dark room. To put the line in the water more than 1 week, will become better feeling. Try and find your best feelings.

If you have questions, please ask me again !

I hope you have advantage with our line.

Best regards / kurita

Your planes get ready!... said the e-mail

An e-mail from Martin Weberschock has arrived. The Europhias are ready and will arrive next week to Barcelona. The orange one is for Carles and mine is the two blues coloured one. Yes!!!!!!!
See a photo in http://www.pbase.com/sergif3b/image/55883158 I will try to make a good report of my "first hand" plane.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Japanese lines at home

This morning my father went to the post office to pick up the package from Japan. 5 units of 1,05 and 5 units of 1.15 The 1.05 is a very good winch line. It works perfect, also in windy conditions and you can use a lot of flights if you are careful. The 1,15 works diferent. In the launch you feel that the line is tightening, but when you rewind the line hasn't extended as other nylon lines. Now is time to practice what I learned in Finland: hydrating of lines and spray silicone when the winch works.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Winter F3J 2006 Contest on TV

This weekend was held the Winter F3J in Denmark. You can check info, results and pictures in jojo's site and f3j.dk where you can see a short report by the local TV station TV2

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Speed Task Day

A lot of speed flights today with full ballast. The windy conditions allow to my Caracho flying with the two golden tubes. My speed task record is 22'XX seconds. Don't make fun of me :-( I'm trying to improve my personal record this year. Caracho is a good weapon for task C and I had never flight before with more of 1000 grms. of ballast. Is a great experience and my glider works perfect. No photos today so there wasn't anything new to see. Have a good week.