Wednesday, November 29, 2006

United States 2007 F3B Team

USA has Team, the Team has logo... so what will the logo have? It will have merchandisning!!!!!!

Eurotour Calendar 2007

F3B Eurotour provisional and incomlete calendar it has been posted in Contest Modellsport site, at the moment there's no Italian contest either Swiss one.Our idea is to be in Herten contest plus one more. And always (as every year) I really hope to be in Munich :-P

Monday, November 27, 2006

Read and fly higher ;-)

I don't remember where I found this links, but I consider them like a treasure. Two articles written by DP and JW. First is titled Launch-Meister and second one is Maximizing Your Launch Potential. Enjoy them!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Warp looks so nice but...

A new f3b Sunday. This time with no tragedy, now I am flying my dear Caracho until New Age arrives. Daniel, Carles and Javier are still trimming their new Walter Reist planes meanwhile my father, Alberto and me are waiting for them.
Both planes are really good, maybe Warp is easier to fly but I'm afraid you can have some problems with the T tail in case you make a non nice land (very common in contest when you are looking the 100 points in landing, here we don't have golf fields for f3b contest just hard lands) Warp or New Age... this is the current question. In my case: New Age!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I future everything could happen ;-)

F3B Japanesse Championship

In Model Aeronautic Association of Japan site is posted the results of the F3B Japanesse Championship. Lot of guys and good scores. What an envy!!!!

F3F Catalonian Championship announcement

F3F Catalonian Championship 2006 has already been announced. So next Sunday we won't have f3b train although we'll keep fly our planes (in this case my V-Ultra Plus).

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

6th Contest North Island F3B Series

North Island F3B Series are finished, winner of A league is Dave Larsen and B league has been won by Rhys James. You can read a report with complete results in site. Congratulations to the winners!!!!

Warp release

My friend Javier has released his new Warp-T, this plane is made by Walter Reist like New Age and my new winch. Almost all mates of my f3b team are waiting (or they already have one like Daniel and Carles) planes from Walter. Alberto has ordered a Warp, and my father and me a New Age, we expect the planes will made in January :-P So maybe next season will be a Reist Team or New Age Team :-P

UK Team for World Championship

The pilots of the UK team will be: Dave Worrall, Norman Quirk and Bill Haley (read in F3B UK yahoo group).


Two weekends ago we begin our preseason. Wind was very crossed (90º) In one of my launches I lost control of my Europhia and I couldn't restore the path and finally the plane crashed into asphalt truck. It was a fast death, he didn't feel any pain. My relationship with Europhia it has been short (from February to Novembre). We have spend nice moments (but few ones) I'm not going to order a new Europhia (my f3b budget don't let me do it), so now I will go on training with my Caracho waiting for January when it will arrive my New Age.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

New Age Photos

I have uploaded some more photos (Carles Aymat is the owner) about New Age. This is my model for next season. I'm very happy with my Europhia but there are two handycaps: my model is too heavy for f3b competition and the price for a new one is too high for me. So I think New Age is a good option for me, Daniel Portella is flying a prototype and Carles Aymat will release his very soon. Also I thinks is very interesting and easy to train with people that is flying the same plane that you. I ordered it yesterday afternoon and will be delivered in January :-) I will keep you informated with the tests of my friends. New photos here.

Monday, November 06, 2006

F3B at Home SIte is on

Hi everybody!!!How's all? I hope everything and everybody is ok. The final design of the site is made so now I'm updating the sections of the site. The first two are made so you can make the first visits ;-)

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Making an Europhia

Very interesting review in made by Jean-Louis Shyns. The review is written in French and there's a good photo report also.