Monday, April 30, 2007

F3B World Champs Field

Now we have in the site plan, I remembered some years ago there was a Eurotour Contest in Emmen Airfield. In there's a lot of photos so you can take an idea about how looks the field.

Ceres... New Ceres... Big Ceres!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jiri Baudis is developing very fast his Ceres, is announcing the last version of this plane: Big Ceres, now with cross tail. Sourced from

The New Big Ceres F3B is in... 139 in. of beauty.. 1128 sq. in. And we are also stocking the E version! This plane is made to go fast, and the fit and finish are A quality! Our friends at Baudis model continue to impress us with their workmanship, and engineering abilities! Good job Jiri!
The Ceres F3B/F 3M is close behind, and should be arriving in our shop soon. There has already been a couple appearances in Europe, look for the first wins to come very soon!"

Daryl Perkins website

Daryl Perkins has a personal website. It's still under construction and we just can see a photo of Schizo (his new project).

Sunday, April 29, 2007

F3B Spanish Championship 2007

Last weekend I was in F3B Spanish Championship 2007. F3B at Home Team (Sergi Subias, Fernando Valls and Sergi Valls) had to defend his trophy of year 2006... Impossible Mission. Every year there's fewer pilots. Like last contest in Palencia I was very well in one task, speed, I improve my personal score two times. Now my best speed is 19,50 seconds. Last best speed was 20,90... No comments, I know what you think. I got 14th place from 17 pilots and 4th place from 6 teams. I'm a little upset with my results but I know my "restricitions”, now I'm faster than ever, I got the 4 best average speed. It's a pitty this contest was not a Speed Cup :-P

Amazing perfomance of Portella Team, they won the Team trophy. All of them flew Walter Reist's planes. New Age and also Warp worked very good. Dani got his third National Championship and he is going to win more, I'm sure... Javier and Alberto has improved a lot his flight features since they are flying with Warp. Sometimes the plane improves the pilot.

Jesus and Ruben Merinos (2nd & 3rd) stroke again with his brand new Crossfire . I think their performance have stood up because they have a very good third member in the team: Miguel Casares, one of the best pilots in the little history of spanish f3b, After a rest of some years he has came back

Nunca Mais Team had the absence of the youngest pilot in Spain, Adrian Rodriguez. Alvaro went on with Furio and Jose Manuel Quintas has new planes this season: Ceres and Trinity, most of contest was flying Ceres. I think one week ago Quintas had a little crash with his Crossfire and he take the adventage to test his new planes. I think Ceres is a very interesting option with a lighter version.

Iñaki Elizondo, one of the strongest pilots got the 8th position, this time flew with the Aris that won La Muela F3F International Contest. He is waiting for Radical but it doesn't arrive. So this time had to fly in not optimum conditions.

This time we had a new pilot, Marcos Martinez. He was attended by Carles Aymat and Andoni Gorriñobeaskoa. Marcos made nice photo's that you can see in his site. Friday afternnon made his first launches with his Tempus and next day began his first f3b competition. Very good Marcos!

And what about the F3B at Home Team...? Well, Sergi Subias flew very good, we had two mistakes in his flights: we lost task time in one of the distances and we made a 0 in last speed (we wait too much for launching, we made three launches and we spend working time before finish the task). Anyway he was fourth, and probably he would be 3rd if he had made the last speed :-( Our surprise was when the organization published for first time the individual results where Sergi Subias was 1st classified and Daniel Portella 2nd. Finally the results were corrected and the winner was Dani. My father had a lot of problems all weekend long. Friday evening decided to fly with Nyx Furio. He had been long time without flying Furio and that was a big handicap. Persoanlly it has been a bad contest but at least I have improved a lot in speed task, Madrid will be a new chance. And also Kassel and Emmen!!!!! I will fly in world cup, so I have to work very hard!!!!!!

Photos made by Marcos Martinez
Photos made by Sergi Subias & Sergi Valls
Individual results
Team Results

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

New video from Kirchheim Open

There's a new video about Kircheim open in, 40 megas.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Second Eurotour contest of this season was in Kirchheim. A three days competition with a lot of pilots. Podium with tree of most famous pilots of f3b world: 1st Denis Duchesne with Caracho X, 2ndReinhard Liese with Estrella DP (what about Diavolo? Oh oh oh...) and 3rd Andreas Böhlen withSupersonic-R. You can see results here, photos here and here. In are posted two videos of speed task in, video1 & video2

Monday, April 16, 2007

F3B Danish Championship 2007

I have recived a report about F3B Danish Championship 2007 made by Egil Roland, also you can see some photos here.

Danish ”international” championship 2007 F3B was held 14th and 15th of april. Pilots from Denmark, Norway, Germany and Estland attended this event. 4 rounds was flown in nice weather.


Michael Munk (DEN) 11371
Jan Hansen (DEN) 11281
Søren Krogh (DEN) 11217
Benjamin Rodax (GER) 11051
Jesper Jensen (DEN) 10945
Erik Morgan (NOR) 10872
Søren Helstedt (DEN) 10529
Thomas Dargewitz (GER) 10442
Egil Roland (NOR) 10156
Henrik Nielsen (DEN) 9298
Keld Jensen (DEN) 8390
Regnar Petersen (DEN) 8303
Meelis Tikk (EST) 8133
Achim Wustrau (GER) 7896
Helge Borchert (GER) 6221
Uffe Markussen (DEN) 5470

Greatings from Norway

Salzburg is in another planet, isn't it?

After check speed times of 13 Salzburger Wanderpokalfliegen F3B 2007 I want to belive them... but I can't. F3B guys seems to be very strong. 13, 14 and 15 are numbers that looks bad distances in my country. Not speed times!!!!!! :-P Waiting for photos... :-(

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sunday before F3B Nats

Today was the last day we fly before f3b nats. Alberto brought hes brand new Warp. The others with our planes: Dani- Newie, Sergi Subias - Crossi V and X, my father - Crossi V, Javier - Warp and me - Newie. Because the rain we fly less than we want, but I think homework are made. Now the competition will say me which is my level :-P Some photos here. I hope everything will be ok next weekend.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Bulletin # 2 16th FAI WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS 2007

Bulletin number 2 is published :-D Some interesting things:

"The following nations have placed preliminary entries (some of them not stating the names of pilots and helpers so far):
Participation of a Swedish team is not confirmed yet."

"In order to relieve organization and helpers we aim to change the winch position of the teams only once, namely on the Wednesday evening."

"Every day a warm meal will be prepared for lunch. Payment of CHF 16 (EUR 10) can be made at the cash desk. There will also be available sausages, sandwiches, chips, cookies etc."

Friday, April 06, 2007

Report from UK F3B League 1 Venue. Upton on Severn. 1st April 2007

My friend Chris Jubb Has sent us a report of the first contest of UK League 2007:

In a departure from the norm of the last couple of seasons, league 1 was held at Fish Meadow in Upton.
A few worries for Clive Needham (CD) during the week leading up to the competition due to the field being flooded but on arrival the field had drained and was in good condition. A great entry was recorded with five new B league pilots entering.
Mark Southall, Ken Woodhouse and Mark Passingham taking up F3B as well as F3F. John Stewart returning after a few years absence and Keith Whitton being encouraged by Bob Dickinson to take part.

The day turned out quite breezy but with a fair amount of sunshine.

Round one, A league duration started at 10:00.

Group one was topped by Norman Quirk with his Europhia with Paul Carrington (Skorpion) just inching out John Whittle (Samsara MkII O/D) in group two.

Round 1 B league duration followed

Ken Woodhouse demonstrating that he does not need a slope to keep aloft and just held of Mark Passingham who overflew by 11 seconds, both flying Crossfires. John Stewart (Europhia) took top points in group 2.

Round 1 A league distance

Group 1 was lead by Norman Quirk with 21 legs.
Group 2 was very closely fought with all pilots recording 18 legs.

Round 2

Norman again showed the way, to complete 19 legs.

Rounds 1 and 2 B league distance

Nigel Witchalls , Mark Southall, Ken Woodhouse and John Stewart took top points although Nigel damaged his Cobra on the final turn forcing him to retire.
Steve Hoppe managing to catch a wingtip in round 1 on his final turn, result broken fuz and wing.

A league speed.

Task C was started with quite blustery conditions.

Round 1. Paul Carrington completed the coarse in 17.74 with Steve Haley trailing with 18.85.
Round 2 saw Steve pull out the stops with a 15.02 with Paul trailing at 16.52.

B league speed

Round 1 saw John Stewart with the fastest time 26.78. Ken Woodhouse was awarded 0 for cutting the safety line. Chris Jubb lost control of his cobra prior to entering the course. B league speed was now getting low on competitors.

Round 2. With only 5 out of the 10 pilots now competing Ken Woodhouse flew a very smooth course to record 22.81 with Mark Southall close behind with 23.56.

Final A Duration

By this time the weather had deteriorated somewhat and time was getting on.
Paul Carrington retired after a very loud flutter during the launch de-laminating the flap surface. Paul was trying to wring the last bit of launch height from his prototype Skorpion.
Steve Haley and Johnathon Wells won their respective groups demonstrating some fine flying and landing skills considering the weather.
B league final duration followed with John Stewart taking top honours but only managing 2.55 Wind was by now quite strong.

A League

1.Steve Haley
2.Norman Quirk
3.John Whittle
4.Paul Carrington
5.Johnathon Wells
6.Bill Haley
7.Mike Challinor
8.Bob Dickinson

B League

1.John Stewart
2.Mark Passingham
3.Ken Woodhouse
4.Mark Southall
5.Keith Whitton
6.Alan Jones
7.Clive Needham
8.Nigel Whitchalls
9.Chris Jubb
10.Steve Hoppe

Photos here.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Mike Shellim's Blog

I have found soaring in www Mike Shellim's blog, so I have added in links section