Tuesday, May 30, 2006

We have a tent

We have the same models, we have the same winches, we have the same lines, we have the same radios, ... but we don't still achieve the same altitude :-( Why? We didn't have a tent to guard or planes. Yesterday I was in Decathlon to buy one, so now we have all inputs to fly perfect :-) This weekend the tent will be used for Catalunya Team in Castiglione

Monday, May 29, 2006

Wiring problems in Caracho :-(

I met with Carles and Dani on Sunday afternoon to make some flights, We we're talking about our trip to Italy this Thursday. Few flights because a very hard wind. I was flying my Europhia to check everything was ok. Finally I prepare Caracho and when I on the receiver something wrong happened. We figure out that we have damaged the wiring of a servo fixing my wing (short circuit) I needed to test Caracho after my problems in last contest and I could not fly :-( My intention to make Caracho as first model is vanishing so Catalunya Team will have two pilots flying Europhia.

Herrig brothers strike again

Amazing these two brothers. Andreas has won the F3B DM and Martin was second. They have collected prizes in VR, F3B WC, F3B Eurotours,... No limits for them. You can read a german report in f3f.de. Results available in f3b.de. Check f3b.de in future for photos.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

F3B contests in Europe

I have found some information about f3b contests in Europe. One was held in Brno (Czech Republic) and you can see results and photos. The other one was held in Odense and also there are some photos and some information in danish. Next contest will be held in Germany : National Championship. Some information here

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Europhia ready for Italy

My Caracho is still in the workshop, so I have spent all day long to set my Europhia. ATV, Dual Rates, Exponentials, Diferentials and six flight phases... a lot of work made! Next Sunday I will fly both to make last tests. I have been comparing both planes and I'm sure that Europhia is at least better in duration task but it can be also a fast plane. I'm really happy with its features. To make a little bit of promotion of my site I have made a special decoration in the wing of my Europhia :-P I hope to have two models in Italy ready for competition. Now just the election is left :-(

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

A contest that became a nightmare III

I forgot to explain that my Caracho was damaged by a fence in the last lap of a distance flight. I thought I was flying parallelly to the fence but I was not right :-( So my plane have a big hole in his front edge that I have to fix. In two contests I have hurt very hard my plane in wing and v-tail. Sorry Caracho! :-P

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A contest that became a nightmare II

Here the results. I'm very shamed to make work so hard to my friends because my relaunches. My father, Carles Aymat, Daniel and Alberto Portella had to run a lot and be very patient with me :-( I hope to be better boy next time. But allways you can find positive moments, like some distance tasks when my team mates (my father and Segi Subies) both made 1000 points. Very proud to help Daniel with his 26 laps distance. We were four people helping Dani and my function was to follow the number of laps of the other pilots. Slowly I realized that I'm learning to assist people in flights like my team mates, is another side of the contests that I didn't know and I find very exciting and interesting.

Monday, May 15, 2006

A contest that became a nightmare

A horrible weekend for me. Ther's no apologies. I think... well... I'm sure that I have to ompove a lot of things: Caracho's CG is too much forward, the first phase of my launch setting is not good, the travel of the elevator in zoom need to be checked (more exponential I think), and I have a big hole in my wing because I hit with a fence :-( So a lot of work next two weeks. Tomorrow more information. There's some photos made by Alberto Portella.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Weekend in Madrid

I'm going to leave Barcelona this afternoon to go to Madrid with my father. Second contest of the season. We haven't flown until first contest so I'm exciting to fly again. Maybe will be last time I flight before go toCastiglione del Lago. As the contest begin at 15 h. on Saturday I will go to the field at 12 h. to make some flights with Europhia. This time I don't have photo camera so I try order them to some friend like Alberto Portella :-) Nice weekend for everybody!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

F3B Aussie Nats

From 18-25th April was held the Australian Nats in Milang. One of the contest was the F3B competition that was an international event because there were pilots from Australia, New Zeland, Holland, .... Scores, final class and some photos from Southern Soaring League (SSL)

In Walter Reist workshop

Yesterday my friends Dani and Javier Portella went to Walter Reist house to pick up his new winch. They also make some photos of Walter items that you can see here

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Jaro Muller and his new Espada RLX

Jaro Muller has updated his site As First new issue there's the presentation of his new plane: Espada-RLX First photos of this model here Now, if you want to order some toy to Mr. Muller there's a very cool application where you can make your personalize design.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Reflections about F3B about Daryl Perkins

In RCSE there's a discussion about F3B. Daryl Perkins is taking part with two messages. In this one Daryl explains us his point of view about the way to face the speed task which use to decide the champion of a f3b contest. A lot of people get 1000 points in duration and distance but there's just one speed champion per round ;-)

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Contest chronicle

My perform

Fantastic weekend. My final fifth position wasn't in my mind before begin the contest. A lot of thermals and windy conditions. The ground of the field was very hard and some places without grass, so my Caracho has lost some weight in landings :-) Everybody says that Caracho has some problems with duration task. That's right, I had two horrible scores in task A that didn't let me arrive to third position :-( However he works perfect in distance and speed. In other contests I used to get most of points in duration. Now, with my “bird” I can earn more points in every task. Yeahh!!! Very proud of my speed flights. I'm not enough fast but my plane makes the right route. I think that I need to get more altitude in launch so I will be able to accelerate more in the beginning of the task. I have to improve my altitude in launch My zooms were “soft” because I didn’t want to stress my damaged v-tail. My landings has to be more precise :-P In duration I have to improve my flights in bad conditions and I think that I have too much travel in ailerons. For distance I always put two aluminum bars, Caracho don't need too much extra weight to get more inertia. For speed, full ballast (about 900 grms.)


Japanese 1.15 lines didn’t break in windy conditions. We used: japanese 1.15 line , EMC-Vega 1.22 and 1.32. Crossfire looks a very good weapon. Very good feelings. Two Europhias were flown in the contest (not mine) No doubts about its behaviour, I think that I just have to "make" hours in the field. A lot of Walter Reist winches. People is using both versions,o ne with lucas motor an other version with bosch. Planes: Warp, Nyx, Nyx Furio, Caracho 3000, Caracho 3.1, Cobra, O/D, Eagle, Tempus, Europhia, ... . The winner flew an hybrid of New Age Fuse with a repaired Furio Wings. This plane is being flown by Dani with very good results. The repaired wings were from Furio he ordered for wc but the package arrive damaged as the wing that were inside :-(


The team for wc will be formed by Daniel Portella, Iñaki Elizondo and a third member is still for be chosen ( not me :-() There are three more contests that can score in the ranking (Madrid, Lisboa, Palencia) The level of pilots is rising. The speed task times stand up compared with contests of last years. Bad news…. Number of competitors: 15. We used to be about 20 or more. I hope to see in next events people from Valencia, Madrid, Burgos, Euskadi,… and also from Portugal like Jorge Infante. Personally this contest has been a success (I know there's many things to improve). To be in a WC and see how things works in high competition has taught me a lot of things. This year I have work harder in trainings and getting a good settings for my plane. I have been more careful with lines and winch. Next contest in Madrid (13th-14th May). A three rounds contest that scores for ranking. Very dangerous for people that is fighting for the thir place of the national team.


To my father (to be so patient and support me always I need his help). To Carles Aymat, Daniel Portella, Javier Portella, Walter Reist, Sergi Subies and Andoni Gorriñobeaskoa (because when I really need some help during the contest I always could go to them). To Marcelino Puñal and Iñaki Elizondo (they fixed my v-tail me in the field so I could go on with my Caracho all 6 rounds). And thank you very much to Club Aeromodelismo Osca and all people from the club that organize an amazing contest for fifteen “crazy” f3b pilots

Monday, May 01, 2006

Photos from the F3B Nats

The organization of the f3b spanish champs has already upload results, and also the photos. Needless to say: nice photos! In this one you can see my Caracho flying with a "local bird". They were helping us to locate thermals. I don't know what FAI rules says about external helps ;-) To see all photos click here

Vest-Pokal in Herten

Other F3B Eurotour contest, this time in Herten. Results and photos in f3b.de and in FSV Vest site Looking photos I think Martin Herrig has been flown his new model: Radical. Maybe the fuse is thiner and the win longer and with some modifications in the shape of the v-tail. You can compare photos from the new and old model an find diferences as a quiz game

We are the Champions!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday we arrived at home from Osca where we had the F3B Nats. Just three complete teams and fifteen pilots. Finally we have a change in our team. Sergi Subies (photo from pladevent.com) was our three team member. In individual results: Sergi 3rd, my father 14th and me 5th. Our scores made F3BATHOME.COM team achieved the first position in team results. I will upload a report later about nats. I have few photos from the event because I was very busy all weekend long. In the site of Club Aeromodelismo Osca you can download complete results and there will be some photos.