Thursday, April 27, 2006

4° Coppa Trasimeno Information

Next 4th May will be deadline to register in 4° Coppa Trasimeno . Maybe if you see the photos of last year or present entry list will help you to decide if you want to go. Here you have some information about the contest sent by the organization (you need microsoft publisher to open it) I hope to see you.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Walter Reist Prototype

Walter Reist (producer of New Age, Warp-T, Masterpiece and winches is developing a new version of the Warp. the Warp-K is a prototype of the Warp with a cross tail.

Monday, April 24, 2006

F3B League 2006 in United Kingdom

This weekend was the first competition of the british 2006 f3b league. Winner of the A-League was the very known Steve Haley with a Crossfire. In BARCS will be posted pictures and results very soon.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Kirchheim Open

Kirchheim-Open ended. The winner is Tobias Knoblauch (he was the helper of Martin Webershock in f3b wc). As usual images and results in There is a speed task ranking. Best one 14,82 seconds by Karl-Heinz Schneider (no photo) Good night everybody!

F3B at Home Site

I have hired domain. Now there is a f3b at home site to give you extra information and an easy internet adress:

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Martin Weberschock philosophy

Maybe Martin Weberschock has the most original offer for "f3b buyers". The way he manages his Europhia's master forms is not very common. You can rent the master forms to make your own molds. Martin makes seminars to explain how to make your own Europhia with special prices for young people. Firms like Tun Modellbau or StratAir commercialize an Europhia not made by MW taking adventage of this system. Everything is made to make f3b more accesible for everybody. Bravo Martin! Here a report from RC-Network Modellbau Magazin about Martin and his seminars (in german)

Monday, April 17, 2006

Joe Wurts, the showman

In F3J Brazil site I have downloaded a video of Joe Wurts making some handlaunching and thermal flight with an Icon. There's just one JW. In Finland I saw him how he made two tasks C with just one launch. He tried to make a third speed flight but finally he gave up because he couldn't get enough altitude He is a showman!!!

F3B National Champs entry list closed

Finally 18 entries for the nats. Six teams, one of them is F3BATHOME.COM :-) It will be formed by Fernando Valls, Luis Mejias (photo from and me. Main target will be improve and make as many flights as possible. It will be my first contest with my Caracho. I know he won't fail me, but what will I do? Answer on 30th April.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

2nd Contest North Island F3B Series

Last weekend was made the second contest of the North Island F3B Series in Matamata (NZ). Podium of the contest 1st Craig Dawson (Crossfire), 2nd Chris Kaiser (Caracho 3000) and 3rd Kev Botherway (Crossfire). The provisional leader of 2006 series although he hasn't won any contest is Chris Kaiser. Certainty rules!!!!!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Salzburger Wanderpokal Photos

More photos of Salzburger Wanderpokal in this link from LSV Salzburg site.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Nordic F3B Championship rules

Jo Grini has sent me a mail clearing some rules from theNordic F3B Championship. The entry is closed just for some countries (of course, northern contries). Read the e-mail:

See you have a link to Nordic Champs.
The Comp. is closed for other countries... sorry
ref: (Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia)

Hilsen (Regards) Jojo

As Spain is still a southern country we can't perform in this contest :-(

Image gallery updated

The "I had not even been born" section of my image gallery (Old F3B) have been updated with some more "black & withe" photos.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Nordic F3B Championship 2006

If you are on hollidays on August near Denmark maybe you would like to make some flights in the Nordic F3B Championship 2006. More information in bulletin nr.1

Salzburger Wanderpokal complete results

In LSV Salzburg site you can download the complete results of the 12th Salzburger Wanderpokal. In eurotour site the 2006 f3b ranking is updated.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Salzburger Wanderpokal 2006

This weekend has began the 2006 F3b Eurotour with Salzburger Wanderpokal 2006. Individual winner was Reinhard Liese and the winner team was KIKA 1 (Liese, Gölz and Trautwien). Best speed was made by Hans-Peter Gölz with 15,95 seconds. You can download results and see some photos in Next contest is Kirchheim Open on 23-24th April.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

First flights with Europhia

Another windy day, so I just made few flights with my new plane. CG 112 mm and towhook 111 mm. The settings "says" CG and towhook 114 mm (I prefered to begin with some "quite" settings). We had a lot of time 90º crossed strong wind so the conditions were very hard. In first flights I feel that I have to remove some plumb from the nose. After I put some ballast (2 pieces of 150 grms.) to make three distance flights. I have made two modifications in my Europhia. I have changed the default conectors from the fuse to the wind (I have put multiplex green ones) and also I have set a towhook from my old Mistral (FVK) because Europhia includes a one position towhook :-( Here some photo's

Saturday, April 01, 2006

F3B Catalunya Team training

I have met with my team mates to fly all together tomorrow all day long. We are going to prepare the National F3B Championship and next contests, Some of us are going to release new models :-D Europhia is ready for tomorrow finally. Tomorrow some comments and photos.

F3B Eurotour begins

Today have begun the F3B Eurotour 2006 in Salzburg. Check here the entry list. Very common snowy conditions in the field during the twelve editons of the Salzburger Wanderpokal F3B. See this video from Hangflug of the 2004 Edition.