Saturday, September 30, 2006

F3B French Championship 2006

In Olivier Segouin site yo can read a report with photos about the F3B French Championship

Friday, September 29, 2006

F3B League Event 6

A new report from Chris Jubb and some photos. Thank you Chris, I hope we will meet someday :-P

Against all predictions the weather was very kind apart from low cloud and mist for the best part of the morning..

A late start due to the weather and a major signalling problem meant that the B league had to drop the distance tasks.B League results were calculated on just two rounds of duration and speed.

Simon Jackson and Bill Haley took top points in duration 1 with some fine flying in difficult conditions.Norman Quirk, just missing a top slot due to a mistake on landing which nearly de-capitated him.He did however record the most number of legs in distance with the help of some good air with 23 against the closest runner Johnathan Wells with 21.Bill Haley unfortunately broke his Pike Giant landing out after the first distance task this ended his day.

Round 2 Distance was led by Dave Worrall piloting his Carracho to 20 laps 2 laps ahead of John Whittle.

Round 1 Speed Steve Haley had a problem with his ElFurio (Estrella fuselage and tail unit with Furio wings). With full ballast? It blew apart on the zoom. The fuselage assembly landed in the nearby lake and required Steve to undertake swim to retrieve.

Speed 1 was taken by Paul Carrington (Big Sting) with a creditable 16.97sSpeed 2 and John Whittle took the points with 17.66 in difficult conditions.

A rather poor showing for the B league only four entries. With not very good weather forecast I guess most just took a few more hours in bed.

A League

1-John Whittle
2-Dave Worrall
3-Simon Jackson
4-Paul Carrington
5-Norman Quirk
6-Bob Dickinson
7-Johnathan Wells
8-Steve Haley

B League

1-Mike Kitchen
2-Clive Needham
3-Chris Jubb
4-Phil Jackson

Thursday, September 28, 2006

F3B German Team for WC'07

The appointment of the members who will represent their countries next summer is going. In Spain two pilots are already appointed (Daniel Portella and Iñaki Elizondo) and third one will be confirmed in last contest of the season in two weeks. The USA team is made and with the end of the Eurotur 2006 Germany has also made his team: Andreas Herrig, Martin Herrig and Reinhard Liese will defend the team victory in Finland (I think they are with the Swiss Team my favourites for the Team class) and keep or "improve" the individual results. Personally, it has been a big surprise martin Webershock (winner of the Eurotour 2006) there is not in the team. I don't know exactly how works the german system to make the team, but Germany allways have a very good team. They are so lucky...!!!!!

RSA F3B Nats

Also available a report about the RSA nats in SAMAA Blog.

Monday, September 25, 2006

F3B French Champ results site has been updated and now you can see the results of the F3B French Champ

RSA F3B Nats

Charles Flee has sent me some comments about the photos of the RSA Nats I published in my image gallery and also the final results:

1-Craig Goodrum
2-Michelle Goodrum
3-Chris Adrian
4-Dion Liebenberg
5-Paul Carnel
6-Stephane Duponsel
7-Evan Shaw
8-Rodney Goodrum
9-Herman Weber
10-Lionel Brink
11-Wolfgang Steffny
12-Piet Rheeders
13Peter Eagle

Thank you very much for your effort Charles :-)

Nordic Championship 2006

This edition has been dominated by Danish guys. Congratulations!!!!! Results and a report (danish ) here The winner was Jesper Jensen with a Estrella. The f3b german designs rules in f3b top competitions with no doubt: Estrella, Crossfire, Radical, ...


I was wrong with the information about results of the Oktoberfest-Pokal 2006. I'm sorry :-P So look again the individual and team results of almost three rounds to be well informed. I promise next edition I will be there. Have you heard guys? Guys = Dani and Carles :-P

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Lots of contests in the world this weekend

Lisboa, Munich, South Africa and Muncie have been hosts of differents contests:

In Lisboa has been hold a f3b contest included in Spanish ranking. The winer has been Manuel Quintas (Spain), one of the candidates to perform in next world champs in Spanish team. I hope there will be photos and results here.

Munich.... what can I tell you about Oktoberfest-Pokal you don't know. This year the winner is Martin Weberschock. Few photos and results from

Also this Saturday and Sunday morning has been hold the South Africa F3B Nats. I have uploaded some photos here and also a link with some more photos.

And finally in Muncie (USA) the first edition of World Soaring Masters. A thermal contest with more of 80 pilots that has been won by Mike Smith

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Photos from Borovničky

Today in lomcovak site has been uploaded a report of Borovničky contest with some photos.

F3B Swiss National Championship 2006

On 19-20th of August was made the F3B Swiss National Championship 2006. Here you can download the results.

Monday, September 18, 2006

F3B in Borovničky

A new f3b contest in Chezch Republic (Borovničky) was made on 10 of September. Here you can see a nice video of the contest from Michal Michna site. Results of the contest and the Chezch ranking with Lunen contest included from lomcovak.

Dutch F3b Team 2007 for the WC in Switzerland

A new national team formed for the f3b wc. This time Holland will have a Tema with Frits Donker Duyvis as Dutch champion, Jeroen Smits and Frans Vreugdenhil. The pilot reserve is Frans van Peer.

Lippeweiden-Pokal 2006 in Lünen

Eurotur 2006 is almost in the end. Munich contest is left. As usual three complete rounds. Photos in lomcovak, and f3b-holland site. Results in and in FSG Lunen site. Lomcovak report is very interesting. Kika Team is developing a new Estrella testing different wings. And there are some releases of new planes like Tomahawk or Ceres.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Second f3f attempt failed, too... :-(

The F3F Catalonian Championship has been cancelled because air, so it's possible I will have to trim my V-Ultra "never flown in a slope" Edition in the first round of the f3f nats. Yeaaahhhh!!!! It's not bravery, it's madness :-P Some people like Luis Mejias and Javier Portella haven't had very luck in test flights so the the thing most similar to fly f3f has been a Heli flown by Javier Portella.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Dutch F3B Championship

In f3b-holland you can see a report of their national f3b champ, with some photos and results Erik Heine flew a Victor (AH wing profil) Somebody is flying this plane in VR, do you know who is? :-P

Friday, September 08, 2006

Tomahawk, the new Belgian plane

Tomahawk is anew plane that will have its international launching in Munich at the end of September. The designers are Denis Quindot and F.Lorrain. There's good information in f3zone site.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

F3B World Championships 2007 Site

Available the F3B WC 2007 site. Here you can download a german and english versions of bulletin #0

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Seen in Weberschock-Development site, Radical three-side-view. More information very soon.

Bulletin #0 F3B World Championships 2007

F3B WC 2007 preparations is on. In MGASA group you can download the bulletin number 0 (needs to be approved by the CIAM meeting in December 2006). There will be a Eurotour contest before the wc. The bulletin has a lot of information and photos of the airfield.


7th to 8th July 2007 Eurotour Contest Emmen (considered as training on contest field)
8th July from 16.00h Registration and control of models
9th to 14th July Contest days, from 8.00 to 17.00h (until 20.00h as an exception)
15th July Spare day
15th July Closing ceremony and banquet
16th July Departure day

Sunday, September 03, 2006

F3B nationals in Norway

Some information and results about F3B nationals in Norway in Egil's blog and Cirrus RC Flyklubb site

Dancing with storks

Today my friend Carles has made a "f3b version" of the movie started and directed by Kevin Costner, "Dances with wolves". This time has been a dance with storks :-P I go on with my Caracho :-D and I only have problems with Europhai :-( I'm not going to surrender!!!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Aero Sport Becker site

Aero Sport Becker has renewed its site. Now you can apreciate its renewed (also) models. Supersonic has new versions: SupersoniC R and SupersoniC EX Andreas Bohlen (he has a pair of trophies in f3b world champs, maybe you know him...) won his first wc with the older version. Now this year has flown the "R" version some rounds in Eurotour.