Saturday, March 31, 2007


This photo has been taken in my field club. A lot of speed practice. I still have a lot of work, but I'm sure I will ready for f3b nats.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Norwegian Team site

Egil Roland, TM of the norweigan Team, has announced me that they already have team site. The adress is: Egil, I hope we will meet in Emmen and we'll exchange our t-shirt team. ;-)

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

F3B WC Teams

I have added a new link section: F3B WC Teams. Now a days I have found three team sites: USA, Switzerland and Holland. If you know a link can you e-mail me? Thank you.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Joe Luxford from Perth with a Spanish plane!!!

Joe from Perth has written to me. He has a Tempus, a Spanish f3f/f3b plane made by Iñaki Elizondo and flies in nice slopes :-P


I was just looking through the photos on your photo hosting
web site atPBase. Very nice!

I have a Tempus and fly F3F here in Western Australia.
I noticed some Tempus photos on your web site. Can you
tell me if the Tempus is still competitive in F3F in Spain?

I have appended a couple of photos from our F3F in WA.
We make the 4 hour drive from Perth to Albany each March
for our annual F3F championship and then the 7 hour drive
to Esperance in October each year to fly F3F.


Joe Luxford
Western Australia

Joe Luxford with Tempus at Albany 2005

Albany F3F pilots on second day of 2005 comp
Western end of Esperance soaring site

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Tool Video is promoting his new model: Tool. In his site you can see photos and video.

Diavolo video

If you want to know deeper Heiner Fischer's plane, you can see this video from f3bfrance blog.

I prefer f3b than bikes, no doubt

Until last minute we haven't decided to go to the field. All weahter forcast said us Sunday would be a rainy day. In Barcelona (99 km to the field) was very calm and Sunny, Jerez Gran Prix was on TV, but finally we decide to pack and go to the adventure. We had to fly my father's Crossi... and we did it. No rain and good wind. A nice and quiet day. Some photos here.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

2007 Season Speed/Practice Meeting. Venue Retford.

2007 Season Speed/Practice Meeting.
18th March 2007.
Venue Retford.

Quite a bright but breezy start to the morning, and plenty of new models on show. Steve Haley with his new Estrella (JD?) I think that is right. Paul Carrington sporting his new Skorpion (F3B). Bill Haley with a Crossfire (x tail). All the above pilots had not flown their models prior to this outing so had to setup and trim during the day.Dave Worrall had both the V and X tail Crossfires out. He is still in debate as to which one he prefers.

As mentioned above most pilots had not flown their models prior to this event so most of the morning was taken up with trimming etc. It was apparent however that Steve Haley combined with his new Estrella is going to be the one to beat again this season with some phenomenal launches seen.

The new F3B Skorpion flown by Paul Carrington also looks to be a close contender with really good launch potential and looking very crisp in the speed task with Paul really shaving the coarse. On this occasion the Skorpion looked most at home around the pylons. Will it be as good at thermaling or distance, we will have to wait and see. Clive Needham (CD) demonstrated our new coarse set up procedure with the laser distance measuring equipment.


Steve Haley took top honours recording a 15.29

1. Steve Haley 17,34 / 18,66 / 15,74 / 15,97 / 18,96 / 15,29
2. Paul Carrington 15,75 / 0,00 / 18,62 / 17,34 / 16.56 / 15,58
3. Dave Worrall 19,74 / 17,82 / 17,97 / 18,30 / 16,44 / 16,76
4. John Whittle 20,58 / 18,11 / 20,07 / 17,87 / 17,21 / 17,36
5. Norman Quirk 24,78 / 19,71 / 19,61 / 21,03 / 18,41 / 18,49
6. Bill Haley 21,27 / 21,62 / 33,37 / 23,99 / 24,31 / 20,37
7. Clive Needham 0,00 / 0,00 / 18,62 / 0,00 / 0,00 / 0,00

Photos here.

by Chris Jubb (Thanks a lot Chris I hope we'll post more uk f3b info)

Sunday, March 18, 2007

They are like kids with new shoes...

Today a lot of people has released new planes: Carles -Aris, Dani - New Age "Herex", Javier - Nyx Furio and Sergi Subias - Crossi V. My father was not able to finish his Crossi V. We'll see it next week :-) Another friend that has new toy is Laurent Gauthié (FRA). He has a Diavolo!!!!! First impressions in f3bfrance blog.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

That is a good after-sales service

A new f3b sunny and windy Sunday with my father Daniel and Walter (as helper). We are very lucky so not everybody can train with the builder of your planes Very good feelings with New Age, very fast and very easy to flight in duration. I have "some" problems with launches (I'm a litle bit blockhead) so I need more time to set the launch. Daniel has brought his brand "new" New Age (black and red stripes). Daniel is the test pilot. His first New Age was a version for DS (double carbon in wings) and his new one has wings made with Herex. Next weekend more flights... I hope! Very few photo's here.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

F3F National Open Santa Coloma

This weekend I have been in a National F3F Open in Santa Coloma, near Barcelona, so this time I didn't have to travel. I "achieved" 13 position (we were 13 pilots :-P). We made 10 rounds on Saturday and 5 on Sunday. In my first flight this morning I have crashed my V-Ultra with the wiring of a pylon. Good things: Serg Subias (team mate of F3B at Home Team) was third. The winner was Iñaki Elizondo and second, Daniel Portella (he always comes back with a prize). Photos here.