Monday, March 26, 2007

Joe Luxford from Perth with a Spanish plane!!!

Joe from Perth has written to me. He has a Tempus, a Spanish f3f/f3b plane made by Iñaki Elizondo and flies in nice slopes :-P


I was just looking through the photos on your photo hosting
web site atPBase. Very nice!

I have a Tempus and fly F3F here in Western Australia.
I noticed some Tempus photos on your web site. Can you
tell me if the Tempus is still competitive in F3F in Spain?

I have appended a couple of photos from our F3F in WA.
We make the 4 hour drive from Perth to Albany each March
for our annual F3F championship and then the 7 hour drive
to Esperance in October each year to fly F3F.


Joe Luxford
Western Australia

Joe Luxford with Tempus at Albany 2005

Albany F3F pilots on second day of 2005 comp
Western end of Esperance soaring site