Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Kirchheim 2009

Photos added in Picassa and results in f3b.info I will post a report in few days. See you in Munchen!!!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Kirchheim Podium

1- Andreas Herrig
2- Peter Hubbertz
3- Martin Herrig

Results after 3rd Round

1- Peter Hubbertz 8739
2- Andreas Herrig 8735
3- Andreas Bohlen 8568
64- Daniel Portella 7258
85- Carles Aymat 6373
93- Alberto Portella 5372
94- Sergi Valls 5166

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Results after 2nd Round

1- Andreas Herrig 5789
2- Peter Hubbertz 5770
3- Andreas Bohlen 5648
52- Daniel Portella 4849
90- Carles Aymat 3806
93- Alberto Portella 3557
96- Sergi Valls 3074

Distance Record

Tobias Knoblauch has made 36 laps!!!!!!!

Results after Speed and Duration 2nd Round

1- Andreas Herrig 4789
2- Peter Hubbertz 4770
3- Armin Hortzitz 4667
64- Daniel Portella 3849
88- Carles Aymat 3206
96- Alberto Portella 2757
97- Sergi Valls 2509

Friday, April 24, 2009

Results after Round 1 + Speed Round 2

1- Martin Herrig 3898,20
2- Peter Hubbertz 3836,60
3- Andreas Herrig 3803,93
76- Daniel Portella 3003,78
82- Carles Aymat 2765,47
95- Alberto Portella 2226,01
97- Sergi Valls 2006,41

Total Pilots 101

Thursday, April 23, 2009

In briefing

GeoTagged, [N48.52919, W9.39887]

Everything prepared. Now we are in breafing

We already arrive :-)

After 12 hours in car the trip has ended. We are going towards the field to set the winches.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Yeaaahhhh!!!!! In few hours Carles is going to pick up in Barcelona to go to Kirchheim. :-) I hope I will be able to inform you on-line with some reports or results.

Friday, April 10, 2009

League 1 at Upton upon Severn on the 5th April

New report of Chris Jubb from UK. Thank you very much for your effort ;-)

"Fish Meadow, always a nice venue kindly lent to us for the day by The Malvern Club.
L1 was the first event to be held combining both A and B leagues into one league. This was due to the low numbers of B pilots entering during 2008.
It did work well, although the CD Clive confessed to not liking the one league system because of difficulties with administration and manning of the bases. It does need a lot of understanding and help from all of the pilots putting of the tinkering and gossiping to man the bases and help expedite the competition.
Only new face this year was Neil Harrison flying his now very dusty Instinct home brew machine.
Ken Woodhouse was the B league pilot promoted to the A league for 2009.

All pilots flew the same planes that appeared at the speed comp so no new toys to report. The weather was great sun almost all day. 14 pilots took part.

Round 1 Slot 1 Duration
Split into 3 groups.
Lift was marked by circling birds and all took advantage
Mark Passingham (Ceres) 9:58 +100 landing bonus took the first slot narrowly pipping Bill Haley 1st place on Ascot and Dave Worrall (Crossfire+). Both falling short with 95 landing bonuses.

Round 1 Slot 2 Duration.
Ken Woodhouse (Radical) took the second slot from Norman Quirk (Europhia) and Mike Challinor (Precious) with Steve Haley( Radical) in 4th, again scores were within a couple of seconds but only Ken managed 100 landing bonus.

Round 1 Slot 3 Duration.

Neil Harrison managed to out point this group with Clive Needham (Tragi) and Chris Jubb (Tragi) following 2.5 minutes adrift.

Round 1 Slot 1 Distance.

Steve Haley managed to pip Paul Carrington (Needle 124) by one leg 24 to 23 with some masterly flying from both pilots. Dave Worrall had a bad start to his Distance season with i think 3 refly attempts that allowed him only time for 9 legs.

Round 1 Slot 2 Distance.

Ken Woodhouse and Bill Haley fought tooth and nail to gain dominance in this slot but to no avail as they both ended with 17 legs against Norman Quirk, just 1 leg adrift.

Round 1 Slot 3 Distance.

Mark Passingham won this slot easily with 20l with Alan Jones 18l and Chris Jubb 15 following on.
Mark did suffer a bad de-lamination of one of his Ceres wings at mid span maybe after a heavy landing. It was thought that this would put an end to his R1 hopes. He was however able to effect a good repair that allowed him to continue in R1.

Round 1 Slot 4 Distance.

Neil Harrison showing that there is life in the old Instict and Bob Dickinson (Crossfire+) took top placings with 16l

Round 1 Slot 5 Distance.

John Stewart (Estrella) managed 21 blistering legs against Mike Challinor after Mike had a troubled time with three attempts at launching.

R1 Speed.

Steve Haley (Who will challenge him) was a good 4 seconds faster than the rest of the field. Mark Passingham found the attraction of the safety flag to great and received a zero point.

R2 Speed.

Steve Haley again showed his skills to advantage bettering Paul Carrington and Mike Challinor by a good 2 seconds.

R2 Slot1 Duration.

Ken Woodhouse and Steve Haley both with a full house took this slot.

Round 1 Slot 2 Duration

Clive Needham and Alan Jones battled it out for this slot with Clive just edging in with the landing bonus.

Round 1 Slot 3 Duration

Dave Worrall 10:01/95 took the 2nd slot with Bill Haley 10:03/90closely following.

Round 2 Slot 1 Distance.

Pul Carrington took this slot with 20 l against Norman Quirk.

Round 2 Slot 2 Distance.

John Stewart won this slot with 11l. Chris Jubb retired with a broken flap servo.

Round 2 Slot 3 Distance.

A very closely fought slot with all pilots in much the same air. All flying some way out from the field boundaries. Dave Worrall 26l managed to gain 1 leg over Mike Challinor 25l.

Round 2 Slot 4 Distance.

Bill Haley comfortably managed to complete 5 legs over his nearest competitor Clive Needham to take this slot.

Round 2 Slot 5 Distance.

Steve Haley 17l just pipped Mark Passingham 16l by one leg to take this slot."

2009 New Zealand Soarchamps

Here you have a small report about F3B Contest in 2009 New Zealand Soarchamps made by David James (Thank you very much David):

"Yeah - great contest at a great venue. Great to have wind to launch into as most of our comps are not good like that. Two full rounds and finished with round 3 speed. The best speed times were all by Joe Wurts in the 15sec bracket. Joe did fly a very fast 13.1 sec unofficial run in round 2 - the fastest some of us have seen a F3B ship go. 13 sub 20sec runs in all. Joe first followed by Chris & Dave. Dave flew a 16.69 & Chris a 16.91. Best distance laps was 22 laps by Joe & Richard Thompson."

See some photo
s in New Zealand Radio Control Soaring Yahoo Group

Sunday, April 05, 2009

New Contest in France

Second contest of French F3B Season. Roland Henninot is really strong with Shooter, remember he made a good WC in Swiss, take care of him in Ivančic.

Report, Results, Photos and Video in f3bfrance.com

How far we go?

I've allready read Mike Lachowski's blog and I think I'm insane...

Had a good weather day yesterday to get in a little practice. Best speed run was 11.44 sec with the Freestyler."

Guau!!!!!! We are going to have a new world record in Task C this Summer? I hope so... I know it will not mine... :-P ...but will be yours?