Monday, March 07, 2016

Weekend with no f3b :-(

We had 60" contest on Saturday and weather didn't look nice for Sunday so I didn't fly f3b last weekend :-( After lot of time I flew my old smashed Ocelot linked with my new T12Z. It was a good chance to use my thumbs with new sticks. Scores were bad.I flew with no ballast in round 2,3 and 4 (bad decission) and Ocelot was not really trimmed. At least I made a good time in last round when I decided to fly with full ballast :-P I hope to perform better in next Ocelot Cup on 22nd May
Sunday was a relaxed day preparing some stuff in case I go to France next weekend and time to play with my new gadget to gauge deflections of my Radical Jazz. An aileron servo is making me crazy. I have some problem with wiring or conections because some times servo is off. I will avoid conectors and I (well... my dad) will solder wiring. Cross fingers my friends!!!!!!