Monday, March 14, 2016


What a weekend!!!!! More than 30 flights and more than 1000 km... I don't remember If I had flown so many before... I am very thanked to Roland Henninot for his help. It's very nice to fly and land in a ground with good grass (Pla de Vent ground looks a sandpaper :-P) We make lot of flights with Michel Castell who met with us on Saturday afternoon and Sunday early morning.  

Every week my Radical Jazz and myself are improving looking for hellish month: Colmar, Kirchheim and Montauban. I will fly one more time in Montauban before Colmar if I have a free weekend. I will rest next weekend but I will go to Santa Coloma Slope for F3F Club Contest and some practice with my new T12Z. 

Good weekend for everybody!!!!!!