Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Registration system for the FAI-World Cup “13th Kirchheim Open“ 2016

by Michael Seyfang, Uli Trautwein:

"The practice during the past years has shown that mostly after the start of the registration more pilots are interested than afterwards have paid their entry fee. To give the organizer as soon as possible a planning reliability it is necessary that only one date of payment is fixed for all truly interested pilots.
To jump between the „main list“ and the „waiting list“ in an interval of two weeks is only work for the organizer but it brings no fair result concerning the necessity to reject entries.
Out of this reason the registration system from 2015 will be also valid for 2016.

The start of registration is the 08.02.2016 at 8 pm

The final date of payment is the 22.02.2016 latest (see event –notification)

This year the number of pilots is limited to 90.
After the organizer has received the money he will decide if the announced limitation of participants is necessary or not. If there are only a few pilots more he may decide to increase the maximum number of pilots.
Is this not possible than the distribution of the places is organized by a “Wild Card System” with the following criteria.
  • Three pilots from each European Country
  • All youngsters (up to 23 years)
  • The reigning World Champion
  • All pilots from overseas
  • All newcomer (for 3 years max.)
  • One pilot per competition day for clubs which have organized a FAI-World Cup competition in 2015
The necessary cancellations are made with the help of the ranking list of the FAI-World Cup 2015. Thereby names of a nation, of a club and of a team are exchangeable.
The rules for refunding the money are the following:
  • Pilots who get a cancellation by the organizer become refunded the complete money
  • Pilots who cancel their participation before the starting order is published get the entry fee back minus a handling fee of € 15.00.
  • Pilots who cancel their participation later or do not take part at the competition get no refund at all."