Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Electro F3B and future

Everytime we can find more electro versions for our f3b planes. Nobody likes to carry winches and batteries every weekend. Electro-fuses can help us to take care our backs but it will never be the same... 
 Jiri Tuma, Samba, Baudis Model, and Martin Webershock next year offer us modified fuses ready to set a battery and electric engine. Electro fuse is not a total solution to avoid carrying tons of material but is good for a day without team mates or few time to spend in field. 

Some people think f3b future is in electro fuse. I am not agree with them. Some years ago I read a post made by Daryl Perkins (a guy who won 4 f3b "contests" some years ago) where he explained Launching was fourth task of f3b class. 

I think future for f3b are contest. If we can make an 100% automatic signal system everybody will be able to organize contest and enjoy that exciting class.