Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Kirchheim Open 2011

Finally at home, lot of kilometers form Barcelona to Kirchheim... three amazing days again in one of the best F3B Contest in the World. 99 pilots from lot of European countries. Amazing organization so we could fly four rounds in three days.

Herrig brothers are still the referring pilots in F3B scene. Age of Radical and Freestyler 3 seems is ending and Baudis Models and Freestyler 4 are the fashioned models without forgetting Extasys. About flights... I feel every year pilots are stronger, that edition you should reach almost 25 laps and some times more than 30. Martin Herrig beat distance world record with a new score of 38 laps Yeaaahhhhh!!!!!!

First flight of the contest was Speed, and people at 8.30 already made 15.xx seconds scores. In my case my time was 22.xx :-P Personally I made my best personal scores in distance (27 seven laps) and speed (18,89 seconds). I had to flight two rounds with my green Altus because T-tail of orange ones was damaged :-( Also I made a 0 in second speed where I lost all my oportunities to get a better classification. Anyway, I'm happy and very motivated to train hard and compete again in Swiss.

Results and my photos.

Alberto Portella photos.